Skatepark Ratingen, Germany

Due to a water retention area, the existing sports and play facility was dismantled. In spring 2012 the new facility was built.

Besides an attractive and modern sports and playground and skatepark was built. The skatepark is located over a water retention area of nearly 8,000 m².

In addition to the skatepark a playground, a multi-purpose field with synthetic turf (football and basketball) and an inline hockey court was built.

In cooperation and exactly as the local Skate-Cooperation wished, the skatepark was designed.

The park consists of a bowl of 180 m² and a flat area of 180 m² on which is build a curb, a flat rail and a hip. The concrete plate floor offers the feeling of the streets.

Next to the street area is directly the bowl. It rises about 1 meter from the ground and you can easily roll from the table of the Bowl on the street course. A little hip/ lip on the end of the bowl leads you to the street course. Of the initial height 1.20 meters, it goes up to a final height of 2.00 meters.