Skatepark in a Box


“Skatepark in a Box” is the further development of mobile skate facilities through converted overseas containers. With “Skatepark in a Box”, safe, mobile and multifunctional sports and leisure facilities can be built in virtually any place in the world: on large squares, in the countryside or in inner-city niches – temporarily or permanently.
“Skatepark in a Box” is the result of collaboration between skate-aid, Kukuk and maier landscape architecture/concrete landscapes.


“Skatepark in a Box” is a mobile combination of a skatepark, sports equipment (e.g. skateboards, BMX- bikes, scooters or inline) and an overseas container. This serves not only as storage for the sports equipment or mobile skate park elements, but also as a meeting point, distribution point for rental equipment or as seating.
The equipment includes, as needed, portable ramps and other fixtures. There is space in the containers for 25-30 complete sets (skateboard, helmet, protectors).
“Skatepark in a Box” can be implemented both permanently and for a limited period of time.


“Skatepark in a Box” works simply, quickly and practically everywhere.
The offer can be tailored very individually to the needs of the respective target groups – regardless of whether it is a matter of social hotspots, workshops, vacation offers, large-scale events, corporate events, reconstruction projects in disaster areas or the temporary use of fallow or construction areas.
We always create offers that combine sports and communication in an attractive way. Fast, flexible and cost-effective.


Already realized examples in the charitable sector are skate parks

  • in a socially deprived area in Cologne- Kölnberg,
  • in Bad Neuenahr, which was hit particularly hard by the flood disaster in 2021,
  • on the site of the former Berlin-Tegel airport, currently the largest German arrival center for refugees,
  • a refugee camp in Balti in Moldova has taken in about 380,000 refugees from Ukraine.


“Skatepark in a Box” can be set up in a short time and dismantled without leaving any residue to be used elsewhere.
In the case of social projects, another form of sustainability is added: as soon as the facilities are set up, an educational program starts on site with free lessons and free provision of sports equipment. This involves training local coaches, who then continue the project independently.
“Skatepark in a Box” therefore not only promotes sporting development, but also individual and social development. Sustainable.


“Skatepark in a Box” consists of overseas containers that we convert for fully-fledged mobile skateparks. To create a particularly open and communicative atmosphere, the openings are located on the long sides of the containers.
The containers do not require any planning or foundations. They are delivered by truck and set up on site.
Thanks to the high quality and robust design with the hardest woods and weatherproof, stainless steel connections, our facilities are approved as public sports facilities and comply with DIN EN 14974.
A building permit is not necessary.


Since 2009, skate-aid has been realizing social skatepark projects worldwide for disadvantaged children and young people in countries such as Uganda, Namibia, Palestine, Syria and Nepal, thus promoting their self-determined development.
This is the mission of skate-aid: We make children strong!

KuKuk consists of an experienced team of artists, architects, carpenters, metalworkers and educators and develops innovative and style-defining play facilities worldwide.

maier landschaftsarchitkten have been developing, planning and building skate facilities around the world for many years, many of them for the nonprofit organization skate-aid.

Impressions of the first “Skatepark in a Box” site at Kölnberg.