Skatepark Butwal, Nepal

Nepal is a historically rich and beautiful country in South Asia and has been rapidly developing and modernizing, with the goal of leaving the United Nations “Least Developed Countries” category by 2022. In 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left many parts of the country in ruins. The introduction of a new social infrastructure in Nepal is another crucial step for the reconstruction and development of the country. The skate-aid foundation wants to be part of this progress with the latest skate-aid skate park and sports education program.

Having supported their local partner “Yuwa for Change” with skateboarding hardware for a number of years, skate-aid is pleased to take this collaboration one step further. Together, “skate-aid Nepal” has been created and the new project has been launched in the city of Butwal in Nepal. A skatepark was built to make the kids in Nepal strong through pedagogically accompanied skateboarding workshops. Among other things, they learn to stand up again and again after falling down and can thus develop into strong personalities. It will also act as a “community center” with a positive environment and establish a place the kids can be proud of!

To visit and for the ceremonial opening of the completed skatepark, Ralf Maier (Betonlandschaften) and Titus Dittman, founder of the skate-aid foundation, traveled to Nepal with the skate-aid team.