ENBE-AREA skate park in Cologne-Neubrück

With the intensive participation of young people in the planning process and in the implementation, a new skate park has been created at the ENBE youth center in Cologne-Neubrück. The skate park at the ENBE youth center is a matter close to the heart of Cologne skateboarding legend “David Marlo Conrads”, who sat down with the kids and integrated their wishes into the planning. As a planning office, we stood by Conrads and supported him in the visualization of the design and the implementation planning. The intensive involvement of children and young people in the planning and construction phase is extremely important for their identification with the new skate park. The first of two construction phases was completed in spring 2024 and was officially opened on 3 May 2024 with representatives of the city’s youth welfare office, the ENBE youth center and the project sponsors. The second construction phase is to be tackled in 2025 with additional funding. Until then, the children and young people of Neubrück will be able to test the first construction phase extensively.