Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler skate park – start of construction May 8, 2024

After the building permit for the long-awaited skate park in Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler was granted in spring 2024, construction officially began on May 8. On this important date, we met with representatives of the town of Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler, the initiative association Die AHRche e.V. and the contractor IO-Skateparks from Spain. The new skate park is scheduled for completion in fall 2024. After the building permit for the long-awaited skate park in Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler was granted in spring 2024, construction officially began […]

MLA_Galerie_Koeln-Neubrueck_Skatepark Eröffnung

Opening ENBE-AREA skate park in Cologne-Neubrück

With the intensive participation of young people in the planning process and in the implementation, a new skate park has been created at the ENBE youth center in Cologne-Neubrück. The skate park at the ENBE youth center is a matter close to the heart of Cologne skateboarding legend “David Marlo Conrads”, who sat down with the kids and integrated their wishes into the planning. As a planning office, we stood by Conrads and supported him in the visualization of the […]


BDLA-NRW recognition – Redesign of the Kreuztal education and sports campus

In August 2018, the town of Kreuztal held an ideas workshop to redesign an existing park-like area bordered by schools and sports halls in the north of Kreuztal town center. As a result, the planning team wbp Landschaftsarchitekten was commissioned to transform the extensive area into an attractive center of the school and sports center. On the basis of extensive participation processes, the planners developed a concept that met the needs of citizens of all ages as well as the […]


Ratingen Pumptrack – Construction site update June 4, 2024

The construction site for the new pump track in Ratingen is progressing well and is gradually nearing completion.


“Neue Landschaft” issue 03/2024 – Article Dortmund Hombruch

The third issue of “Neue Landschaft” features a detailed article about the new Hombruch sports and leisure park in Dortmund.

Bönen Pumptrack VOB-Abnahme

Bönen pump track – VOB acceptance

The VOB acceptance for the new pump track was successfully completed in Bönen.

Much Skatepark - Projekt - VOB-Abnahme

Much – VOB acceptance

The VOB acceptance was successfully carried out in Much.


Katzwinkel – VOB acceptance

The VOB acceptance was successfully completed in Katzwinkel.

MLA Projekt Moers Bike- und Skatepark Eröffnung

Moers amusement park – Opened

In collaboration with our colleagues Förder Landschaftsarchitekten from Essen, we were awarded first place for the design of the approx. 3 ha leisure park and the approx. 3,000 m² skate park integrated into it. Our concept for the skate park places a special focus on noise protection, which we will implement through the location and nature of the elements. We are also taking into account the future fun and challenge for all skaters in Moers through areas with different levels […]

Bad-Neuenahr Skatepark 240222 Baugenehmigung

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler – Building permit

The time has come for the association “Die AHRche e.V.” to receive the building permit for the new skate park in Bad Neuenahr. Due to the destruction caused by the devastating flood in July 2021, the planned 2023 State Garden Show in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, which included a skate park, could not take place. The damage to the town’s infrastructure, buildings, businesses, sports facilities and parks, as well as to projects already implemented for the state horticultural show, is so extensive […]

Much - Skatepark Baustellenupdate 240222

Much Skatepark – Construction site update February 22

The construction work for the new skate park in Much is progressing rapidly. In the first three weeks, the access road and the earth modeling have already been completed. This week, further steel frames were installed and the first clean layers for the transitions and banks were produced.


Ralf Maier in a DAB interview

ENGAGED Taking the initiative is the focus of the first issue of DAB (Deutsches Architektenblatt) 2024, in which architects and planners are interviewed who are committed in a very special way. Falling down, getting up again, carrying on is the title of Ralf Maier’s interview. The interview focuses on his motivations, commitment and, of course, the voluntary projects realized for the Skate Aid Foundation around the world. The complete article can be found on the website of the Deutsches Architektenblatt.


Moers – Safety inspection

The safety inspection was carried out in Moers with DEKRA and the Moers fire department.


Skatepark in a Box in Hachenburg

After locations in Berlin, Cologne, Bad Neuenahr and Moldova, we are pleased to announce the fifth location of the successful mobile container concept. The project, developed with skate-aid e.V. and kukuk-box, includes a completely mobile skate park including boards, bikes and safety equipment. The project was also on display at this year’s FSB trade fair in Cologne.  


Design your youth parks in Grevenbroich

On Friday, November 24th, you can take part in the design of 5 youth parks in Grevenbroich and help plan them. The whole thing takes place from 16-18 o’clock and everyone aged 14-27 is cordially invited. More information can be found in the flyer. On Friday, November 24th, you can take part in the design of 5 youth parks in Grevenbroich and help plan them. The whole thing takes place from 16-18 o’clock and everyone aged 14-27 is cordially invited. […]


Moers – Skatepark

In Moers, we successfully carried out the acceptance test with the city.


Belgium – Olympic training skate hall Hofstade

On behalf of the Flemish Sports Agency, we carried out the safety inspection of the Olympic training center/skating hall on November 6th, 2023 and advised the client during the construction work. The facility was planned by California Skatepark and the company carrying out the construction was mindworkramps


FSB-Exhibition: Skatepark in a Box

At the last FSB trade fair in Cologne, we had our Skatepark in a Box on the action area, which was visited and ridden by many visitors and kids despite the modest weather. Thanks to Köln Messe, Kukuk & Skate-Aid


Skatepark Weiden in der Oberpfalz

Skatepark Weiden in der Oberpfalz (@ioskateparks) Photos: @nahhuelmarttine Riders: @danny_leon, @ales_amor Built by (Instagram: @ioskateparks)    Skatepark Weiden in der Oberpfalz (@ioskateparks) Photos: @nahhuelmarttine Riders: @danny_leon, @ales_amor Built by (Instagram: @ioskateparks)    Skatepark Weiden in der Oberpfalz (@ioskateparks) Photos: @nahhuelmarttine Riders: @danny_leon, @ales_amor Built by (Instagram: @ioskateparks)    Skatepark Weiden in der Oberpfalz (@ioskateparks) Photos: @nahhuelmarttine Riders: @danny_leon, @ales_amor Built by (Instagram: @ioskateparks)    


Impressions – Photo exhibition at the FSB trade fair in Cologne

At our photo exhibition at the FSB fair in Cologne, many people came to take a closer look at our projects and to get in touch with us.


Lectures FSB / Photo exhibition and Skatepark in a Box On the exhibition boulevard you can also see our photo exhibition on the topic “Identity creation through skateparks”. plannerForum In the “planerFORUM” Mr. Maier will give lectures on the following topics on three days: Tuesday: 24.10. 11:20 a.m.: Skate parks as a stable social environment – using Nepal and Uganda as examples. Wednesday: 10/25 12:00 p.m.: Skatepark in a Box at Kölnberg Thursday: 26.10. 10:15 a.m.: Skatepark in a Box – mobile skate elements for temporary use


Container Architecture / Modular Construction Marvels

The project Skatepark in a Box was published in the English language book Container Architecture / Modular Construction Marvels. It can be seen on the event area at the FSB fair in Cologne (24.10.-27.10.) “Skatepark in a Box” is the result of collaboration between the skate-aid, Kukuk and maier landscape architecture / concrete landscapes.


Training of DEKRA sports ground inspectors on the subject of skate and bike facilities

For the second time this year, DEKRA experts from all over Germany were trained on the topic of road safety for skate and bike facilities. Landscape architect Ralf Maier from Cologne dealt in the theoretical part with the application of the skate park standard DIN EN 14974 as well as the FLL recommendations for planning, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities. In a site visit, the skate and bike facility in Dortmund-Hombruch was visited and the theoretical knowledge […]


Waves of Concrete – Skatepark Book

The book presents skate parks from various manufacturers and planners from all over the world. In addition to Dortmund and Augsburg, the Skate Aid projects in Uganda, Syria and Nepal are also illustrated there. The book is now available on Amazon.


Berlin Hellersdorf – Construction Start

Starting signal for the construction of the skate and bike facility. The company Märkisch Grün has begun with the earthworks and parallel to the start of construction, the future users in the Senfte were informed about the status of the work and the planned timelines. The civil engineering work should be completed by the end of this year so that the company Mindworks can begin with the construction of the skating facility this year. Completion of the facility is scheduled […]


Krefeld – Skatepark Opening

After a construction period of only 7 weeks, the construction work was completed by the company Schneestern. The Bowl in Krefeld was now ceremoniously opened with a skate contest. Many thanks to the sponsors of the material prizes 24/7 Distro & Höllenritt


Steve Salba at the Bonner Backyard Pool

High-ranking visitor from the USA! SALBA was here in Cologne for an event and took the opportunity to take a look at our Backyard Pool in Bonn. The Master of Pools gave us his blessing. However, we were happy to see the Master at work. How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba’s True Grit Pics by Jeffrey Ladd  


Wiesbaden – Kransand

The largest recreational facility of its kind was now also ceremoniously opened as part of a summer festival since the opening took place with little audience in the snow flurry. The Kasteler Rheinufer in Wiesbaden has long been a popular meeting place for young and old. It is already known for the coexistence of families walking, young people playing sports, musicians* under the bridge, salsa dance nights or car tuning and graffiti enthusiasts. With the expansion of the Rhine embankment […]


Bonn Rigalsche Wiese – Beteiligungsworkshop

On 29.9. the first participation workshop for the skatepark renovation in Bonn Bad Godesberg will take place. This will take place at the Rigalsche Wiese in the old skatepark.


Wesel – 3rd Planning Meeting

On September 6, the 3rd planning meeting will take place in wesel at the Westenergie Auenstadion.