Waves of Concrete – Skatepark Book

The book presents skate parks from various manufacturers and planners from all over the world. In addition to Dortmund and Augsburg, the Skate Aid projects in Uganda, Syria and Nepal are also illustrated there. The book is now available on Amazon.


Berlin Hellersdorf – Construction Start

Starting signal for the construction of the skate and bike facility. The company Märkisch Grün has begun with the earthworks and parallel to the start of construction, the future users in the Senfte were informed about the status of the work and the planned timelines. The civil engineering work should be completed by the end of this year so that the company Mindworks can begin with the construction of the skating facility this year. Completion of the facility is scheduled […]


Krefeld – Skatepark Opening

After a construction period of only 7 weeks, the construction work was completed by the company Schneestern. The Bowl in Krefeld was now ceremoniously opened with a skate contest. Many thanks to the sponsors of the material prizes 24/7 Distro & Höllenritt


Steve Salba at the Bonner Backyard Pool

High-ranking visitor from the USA! SALBA was here in Cologne for an event and took the opportunity to take a look at our Backyard Pool in Bonn. The Master of Pools gave us his blessing. However, we were happy to see the Master at work. How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba’s True Grit Pics by Jeffrey Ladd  


Wiesbaden – Kransand

The largest recreational facility of its kind was now also ceremoniously opened as part of a summer festival since the opening took place with little audience in the snow flurry. The Kasteler Rheinufer in Wiesbaden has long been a popular meeting place for young and old. It is already known for the coexistence of families walking, young people playing sports, musicians* under the bridge, salsa dance nights or car tuning and graffiti enthusiasts. With the expansion of the Rhine embankment […]


Bonn Rigalsche Wiese – Beteiligungsworkshop

On 29.9. the first participation workshop for the skatepark renovation in Bonn Bad Godesberg will take place. This will take place at the Rigalsche Wiese in the old skatepark.


Wesel – 3rd Planning Meeting

On September 6, the 3rd planning meeting will take place in wesel at the Westenergie Auenstadion.


Pforzheim – 3rd participation workshop

The 3rd participation workshop will take place on 12.9. in the old city nursery to collect more ideas for the skate facility in Pforzheim.


Skatepark Lüneburg opening

Skaters, wheelchair skaters, BMXers and parkour athletes can now show their tricks on the Sülzwiesen. The long-awaited BMX course and the callisthenics course area are also open. Pics by Hansestadt Lüneburg Lü

BL Projekt - Kamp-Lintfort - 230812 Eroeffnung

Kamp-Lintfort – Skatepark and Pumptrack Opening

On August 12th the new skatepark and pumptrack in Kamp-Lintfort was officially opened. As part of the ceremony was held on the new pumptrack, a race as part of the NRW Pumptrack CUP 2023 presented by StreetGrown e.V. Pictures by Michael Schmitz (StreetGrown e.V.)

BL Projekt - Moers - 230809 Baustellenupdate

Moers – Construction site update

The construction of the new skate and bike park in Moers is progressing. At the last site inspection, a large part of the reinforcement has already been installed in the bowl. Also several obstacles could be concreted in the future beginner area.


Library and town city extension Lehsahn

Together with the leading architect Lars Otte we are very pleased about the third prize in the open competition “New library and city hall extension Lehsahn”.


Rheda – Wiedenbrück Pumptrack

The Pumptrack in the Flora Westfalica leisure park was ceremoniously handed over to the users.


Augsburg Reesepark awarded the European Garden Prize

On June 23, the awards of the European Garden Award of the Foundation Schloss Dyck (Jüchen, Germany) and the European Garden Heritage Network EGHN were presented in the park of Schloss Dyck. The Westpark in Augsburg by Büro Lohaus- Carl- Köhmus was awarded 1st prize in the category Design of a Contemporary Park. For the landscape architecture office Lohaus + Carl from Hanover we created the detailed planning as well as the tender documents of the “movement landscape” made of […]


Lüneburg – Recreational facility

  The work is almost completed. On 14.07. a section (Pumptrack and Kidstrack) will be opened. The entire facility will be ceremoniously opened on 14.08.


Pforzheim – second participation workshop

On 05.07 the second participation workshop took place in the old city nursery. Three planning variants were presented to the approximately 50 users present and lively discussions were held. On 12.09 a further workshop will take place to finalize the design planning.

Wesel - Skate- und Bikepark und Pumptrack - 2. Workshop 230614

Wesel – Skatepark and Pumptrack – User participation

At the second user participation on June 14th for the new skatepark and pumptrack in Wesel some interested children, youth and adults took part. The new suggestions and wishes will now be incorporated in the design process.

Bremerhaven - BMX-Racetrack - Sicherheitstech Abnahme 260613

Bremerhaven BMX-Racetrack – technical safety inspection

On June 13th, we were in Bremerhaven for the safety inspection of the recently completed, BMX Racetrack.

Moers - Skate- und Bikepark - Baustellenupdate 230614

Moers – Skate- and Bikepark – Construction update 14. June

The construction of the new skate- and bikepark in Moers with about 2.800m2 riding area is in full swing. Most of the earthworks are already finished and some formworks for the obstacles in the street area are already in place.

Kamp-Lintfort - Skatepark und Pumptrack - Baustellenupdate 230614

Kamp-Lintfort – Skatepark and Pumptrack – Construction Update June 14th

The new skatepark and pumptrack in Kamp-Lintfort is nearing completion and can be released in the coming weeks. Only the paved paths and small details are still missing for the completion of the construction work.

Krefeld - Skatepark und Bowl - Baustellenupdate 230614

Krefeld – Bowl and Street Extension – Construction Site Update June 14th

The construction of the new bowl and additional street elements in Krefeld is progressing rapidly. This week already a part of the deepend and a new hip was finished.

Flensburg - Streetcourse - 230527 Eroeffnung

Flensburg Street Skatepark Inauguration

On May 27th, the new street skatepark on the rescue road to the Schlachthof Bikepark was inaugurated at this year’s “Butcher-Jam” in Flensburg. The new skatepark and kidspumptrack was hereby officially opened and celebrated by numerous visitors.  

DEKRA - 230509 Schulung Dortmund - 03

DEKRA training of sports ground inspectors on the subject of skate and bike facilities

In the course of the DEKRA internal training the inspectors and experts were trained for a whole day by Ralf Maier on the subject of road safety for skate and bike facilities.

Stellenanzeige - 230501 - Landschaftsarchitekt*in gesucht

Landscape architect wanted

We are looking for a veteran, with several years of professional experience for the performance phases 4 – 8, who would like to share his expertise with colleagues, who takes up new developments and has a positive attitude, who has a desire to accompany sports and leisure projects throughout Germany, as well as social projects. Please send your application to:

Flensburg - Streetcourse - 230510 Baustellenupdate

Flensburg extension slaughterhouse sports and leisure plan

The sports and leisure park in Flensburg is nearing completion. For this facility a rescue access road had to be constructed. We planned this access road with elements for skating with our colleagues from Kessler und Krämer Landschaftsarchitekten. Photos by Kessler Krämer Concrete work by Florian Freese GaLaBau

Lueneburg - Skate- und Bikepark - 230425 - Baustellenupdate

Lüneburg Skate and Bike Facility

The asphalt works in the area of the pumptrack are finished and now the preparatory works for the construction of the parkour facilities are in progress. The execution of the new skate and bike park is done by Camp Ramps.

Moers - Skate- und Bikepark - 230503 Baustellenupdate

Moers Amusement Park – Construction Site Update May 3th 2023

The earthworks in the bowl area have been done and on the street area gravel has already been put in. The surrounding park is planned by Förder Landscape Architects and the execution of the new skate facility is done by Mind Work Ramps.     

Bonn Endenicher Park - 230505 - Besichtigung - 01

Bonn – Endenicher Park

The highly frequented park in Bonn is located in the heart of Endenich and represents an important recreational area for the Endenich district. As part of the redesign of the open spaces, the park was visited with the entire office and the first ideas were already developed.

Kamp-Lintfort - 230503 - Baustellenupdate-01

Kamp- Lintfort Skatepark and Pumptrack – Construction Site Update

Parts of the pumptrack have already been asphalted and in parallel the preparations for concreting the skatepark are in progress. The execution is carried out by the company Mind Work Ramps.

Wesel - Skatepark - Betiligungsworkshop - 230503 - 01

Wesel workshop for the skate and bike park

On 3th of May the first workshop took place in the most beautiful spring weather for the new skate and bike park on site in Wesel. Now the ideas and suggestions will be put on paper and discussed in another workshop with the future users.