Wiesbaden – Kransand

The largest recreational facility of its kind was now also ceremoniously opened as part of a summer festival since the opening took place with little audience in the snow flurry. The Kasteler Rheinufer in Wiesbaden has long been a popular meeting place for young and old. It is already known for the coexistence of families walking, young people playing sports, musicians* under the bridge, salsa dance nights or car tuning and graffiti enthusiasts.

With the expansion of the Rhine embankment by a modern recreational facility, the offer for sports enthusiasts and the free cultural scene could be expanded. Especially non-club sports like skating, BMX riding, bouldering, parkour and calisthenics find a place in the newly designed facility. At this location, there is no trace of Wiesbaden’s image as a boring spa town.

Kransand Calisthenics

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