Authorized Expert and Consultant

Sachverständiger und Gutachter

Authorized expert and consultant of bike- and skateparks Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Maier creates appraisals for skate- and bikeparks, as he is authorized expert and consultant of bike- and skateparks. Furthermore security related approval before commissioning/ opening for the public can be provided. At the moment Ralf Maier participates at further training at the AGS (consortium of consultants for gardening, landscaping sport facility construction) with the view of becoming publicly certified expert at the Architects Association.

Erfolgte sicherheitstechnische Abnahmen

Baumholder Pumptrack, September
Bartholomä MTB-Strecke, September
Neuler Pumptrack, August
Aalen Pumptrack, August
Kirchberg an der Murr Pumptrack, Juli
Leutenbach Pumptrack, Juli
Baden Baden Pumptrack, Juni
Köln Radstadion Pumptrack, Juni
Öttingen Pumptrack, Mai
Dillingen Pumptrack, Mai
Brake Skatepark, April
Rotenburg Skatepark, April
Rahden Pumptrack, April
Bottrop Pumptrack, April
Hameln Pumptrack, März
Stadtbergen Pumptrack, März
Flensburg Bikepark Schlachthof, Februar
Geltingen MTB- Startrampe, Februar


Friedrichshafen Skate- und Bikeanlage, November
Würzburg Skateanlage, November
Berlin- Spandau, Pumptrack, Oktober
Cottbus, Skateanlage, Oktober
Zwickau, Pumptrack, Oktober
Miehlen, Dirtanlage, Oktober
Rohrbach Pumptrack, Oktober
Wehretal, Dirtanlage, Oktober
Düsseldorf Eller, Skateanlage, September
Schweinfurt Minirampe, September
Wadersloh Dirtanlage, August
Zeulenroda-Triebes, Northshore-MTB Anlage, August
Brey MTB und Dirtanlage, August
Lünen Trailpark, Dirtanlage und Pumptrack, August
Bensheim Kinderlaufrad/ Rollator Track, August
Ahlerstedt Dirtanlage, Juli
Bad Frankenhausen Trail und Dirtanlage, Juni
Weinböhla Pumptrack, Juni
Hemer Dirtanlage, Juni
Freiburg Pumptrack, Juni
Essen Skatepark, Juni
Münster Pumptrack Juni
Leverkusen Skatepark, Mai
Amtzell Pumptrack, MTB Übungsparkour, Mai
Kerken Pumptrack, Januar

Bernsdorf Pumptrack, Dezember
Mettingen Pumptrack, Oktober
Ladenburg Pumptrack Oktober
Albertshofen Pumptrack, September
Friedrichshafen Skatepark, August
Oberriexingen Pumptrack, Juni
Plieningen Pumptrack, Juni
Regensburg Skatepark, Mai
Sindelfingen Pumptrack, Mai
Affalterbach Pumptrack, Juni

Mühbrook Pumptrack, Dezember
Eschwege Pumptrack und Kletterfelsen, November
Füssen Skatepark, Oktober
Ahaus Bikepark, Oktober
Ulm Bikepark und Pumptrack, September
Regensburg Skatepark, September
Kempten Kids Sloopstyle, September
Düsseldorf Pumptrack, August
Kusterdingen E-Bike und MTB- Anlage, September
Allendorf Pumptrack, Juli
Sindelfingen Pumptrack, Juni
Düsseldorf-Eller Skatepark, Juni
Neustadt in Holstein Skatepark, Januar

Köln Skatepark, November
Leipzig Speedskating, November
Hannover Skatepark, Oktober
Hagen Pumptrack, August
Klausmühle Bikepark, Juli
Kempten Bikepark, Juli
Groß- Umstadt Pumptrack, Mai
Langenargen Skatepark, April
Calden Skatehalle, April
Dortmund MTB- Anlagen, Februar