Nepal Skatepark - skate-aid - Baufortschritt - 220128

Nepal Skatepark – Construction Progress 04.01.2022

The construction work for the new skate-aid skatepark, in Butwal – Nepal, is progressing well. Beside further finished obstacles also the first transitions of the Minibowl were poured.

Benin Cotonou Skatepark - Baufeld 220117

Benin Cotonou – Construction site setup

For our international project in Cotonou, Benin they recently set up the construction site and started with the earthworks. Image: © Stéphane Brabant l Afrikafun

Flensburg Schlachthof - Skatepark Nutzerbeteiligung 220113

Flensburg Schlachthof – Skatepark participation workshop 13th January 2022

For the new construction of the skatepark at the Schlachthof in Flensburg, a user participation workshop took place on site on 13.01.2022. The current facility consists of simple wooden and plastic ramps, which will be replaced by a modern and contemporary in-situ concrete skatepark. The participants were able to actively communicate their wishes for the planning. In the course of the preliminary design, the results of the participation will be incorporated into the planning in order to achieve the highest […]

Nepal Butwal Skatepark - Baufortschritt 220104

Nepal Skatepark – Construction progress 4th January 2022

In Butwal, Nepal the construction work for the new skatepark, sponsored by skate-aid, is in full swing. Some obstacles are already finished and also the coping for the Minibowl is laid out.

Dortmund Hombruch Baustellenfortschritt 211221

Dortmund Hombruch construction progress 21st Dezember 2021

For the site inspection on 21.12.2021, parts of the accesses and paths were laid and further GaLa construction work was implemented.

Nepal Butwal Skatepark - Baubeginn 211119

Nepal Skatepark – Start of construction

In the city of Butwal, Nepal a new skatepark is being built by skate-aid, in cooperation with their local partner “Yuwa for Change”. For the start of construction on November 19, 2021, the measuring points have been marked out and the first modeling work has been completed. More information and donation opportunities for the skate-aid project can be found here.

Skatepark Bonn - Bowls Baustellenfortschritt 211117

Bonn Bowls – Construction progress 17.11.2021

Renewed site inspection at the skatepark Bonn on November 17, 2021. Only the new access paths and planting are still missing.

Dietzhölzel - sicherheitstechnische Abnahme - 211116

Dietzhölzel Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On November 16th, we were in Dietzhölzel for the safety inspection of the recently completed Pumptrack.

Groß-Bieberau - sicherheitstechnische Abnahme - 211116

Groß-Bieberau Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On November 16th, we were in Groß-Bieberau for the safety inspection of the recently completed Pumptrack.

Aschaffenburg - sicherheitstechnische Abnahme - 211116

Aschaffenburg Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On November 16th, we were in Aschaffenburg for the safety inspection of the recently completed Pumptrack.

Bonn Bowls - Baustellenfortschritt 211110

Bonn Bowls – Construction progress 10.11.2021

The concrete works of the two new bowls and the “beginners flat” in the skatepark Bonn are mostly completed. Now only the “finishing touches”, the new access paths and the planting are missing. In the following gallery you can get a first impression of the almost finished 2nd construction phase.

Weiden Skatepark - Eröffnung 211109

Skatepark Weiden – Opening

The new skatepark in Weiden was ceremoniously opened and released by the mayor Jens Meyer on November 9th.

Post - Wiesbaden Kransand - Baubeginn 211108 - Bild01

Wiesbaden Kransand – Start of construction of the new skatepark

On November 8th we were in Wiesbaden for the start of construction of the new multifunctional facility

Post - Dortmund Hombruch Baustellenbegehung 211104

Dortmund Hombruch – Site inspection impressions

On November 4th there was an inspection of the current construction site of the Bike- and Skatepark in Dortmund-Hombruch.

Wiesbaden Miniramp Sich-Abnahme 211108

Wiesbaden Miniramp – safety acceptance test

On November 8th, we were in Wiesbaden for the safety inspection of the recently completed Miniramp.

Dortmund Hombruch - Bike- und Skatepark - Baustellenfuehrung 211104

Skatepark Dortmund-Hombruch – Construction site tour

The construction work on the new skate- and bikepark Dortmund Hombruch is slowly drawing to an end and 

Bonn-Bowls - Baustellenfortschritt - 211027

Bonn Bowls construction progress 27 October

In the skatepark Bonn the construction site is now in its final stages.

Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf - Beteiligungsworkshop - 211030_01

User participation – Skatepark Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf

On October 29th and 30th the first two user participations took place,

IAKS-Award Ceremony Bueren 211026

Flowpark Büren honored with the IAKS Award

The Flowpark Büren was honored with the IAKS Award by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and

Weiden in der Oberpfalz - Skatepark Eröffnung 4. November 2021

Weiden Skatepark opening November 9th

The recently completed skatepark at the JUZ in Weiden, will have its grand opening on November 9th st 14 o’clock.

Gelsenkirchen Skatepark Baubeginn 210928

Glückaufpark – Start of construction in Gelsenkirchen

The skate park in Glückaufpark Hassel has been at the top of the wish list of young people for a long time – on 28.10.2021 the construction work has started! It should be ready in about eight weeks. The most modern skate facility in Gelsenkirchen can be used not only with skateboards, but also with inline skates, BMX bikes or even wheelchairs. Different elements offer different levels of difficulty. You can find more information about the press date of the […]

BDLA-Tag planer Forum am 211028

“Skateparks – Inclusion is a matter of course” A lecture by Ralf Maier

At the BDLA day at the planer Forum on 28.10.2021 Ralf Maier will give a lecture about inclusion in the planning of skateparks as a matter of course.

Bonn Bowls Baustellenfortschritt 210929 - 01

Bonn Bowls construction progress 29.09.2021

In the small bowl, the tile level and first pool copings were set last week. In the large bowl, the first transition was concreted and approx. 85% of the cleanliness layer was laid.

Dortmund Hombruch Baustellenfortschritt 210926

Dortmund Hombruch Construction progress 09/26/2021

The first transitions in the large bowl have now also been concreted and further parts of the reinforcement have been installed.

Betonlandschaften Emaille Tassen Beton Mathilda-Design

Betonlandschaften emaille mugs

No more throaway coffeecups! Betonlandschaften emaille mugs for the construction site at Skatepark Bonn.

Baumholder Pumptrack Sich-Abnahme 210929 - 01

Baumholder Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On September 29th we were in Baumholder for the safety inspection of the recently completed Pumptrack. Built by

Bonn SuBCulture Bowls Baufortschritt 210922

Bonn Bowls construction progress

In Bonn, the first transitions have already been completed in the small bowl and the recess for the tiling has been prepared. At the large bowl, the steel coping has already been set and the substrate is being prepared.

Projekt Dortmund Hombruch Bowl Baufortschritt 210913

Dortmund Hombruch Construction progress

The clean layer has already been placed at the two bowls and in the snakerun, and a large part of the reinforcement has been incorporated.