BL Galery - Syke - Baustellenupdate 221028

Construction site update from Syke

On the construction site for the skatepark renovation in Syke a lot has happened in the last weeks. The concrete work has been completed and only needs to cure. On Wednesday, November 9, the acceptance of the construction will take place. Accordingly, the new skatepark of Syke can be opened soon.

BL Post - Veröffentlichung_Stadt und Raum - 2022 Ausgabe5 - Skatepark Butwal Nepal

“Stadt und Raum” reports about the skate park Butwal.

The published article presents the multifunctional concept with flexible zoning for different uses, as a basketball court, event space or as a youth center. The article appeared in the 5th issue 2022.

BL Post - Veroeffentlichung - Neue Landschaft 09_2022 - FLL Regelwerk - 220929

“New landscape” – reformulation of the set of rules for skate and bike facilities.

The trade journal reports on the reformulation of the set of rules, which must be revised due to the increasing demand for skate and bike facilities. Landscape architect Ralf Maier is working group leader and significantly involved in the revision of the regulations.

BL Post - Veroeffentlichung - CUBE Ausgabe 03-2022 - Dortmund Hombruch - 220929

CUBE article about the new sports and leisure park in Dortmund Hombruch

“Eldorado for sports enthusiasts” is the title of the article in the new issue 03|2022 and describes the diverse range of uses of the new sports and leisure park.

BL Post - Veröffentlichung - Neue-Landschaft Ausgabe 09_2022 - FLL Regelwerk - 220929

SB article about the new skatepark in Nepal

The published article is mainly about the multifunctional concept which allows a felxible zoning of the use and divides the new skate and leisure facility.

BL Post Projekt - Straelen - Planungsbeginn - 220920

Straelen – Start of planning

We have been commissioned by the municipality of Straelen to plan a new skate and bike park. In addition, a pumptrack in asphalt construction and other recreational facilities are planned.

BL Post Projekt - Halle Westfalen Skatepark - 220919

Halle Westphalia – Construction site update

The work on the skatepark and pumptrack is finished. Currently, the path connections and green areas are being produced. The opening of the facility is scheduled for fall 2022.

BL Post - Projekt Lueneburg Skatepark - 3D-Visualisierung - 220927

Lüneburg Sülzwiese – draft

The construction work for the new sports and leisure park on the Sülzwiese has been put out to tender, so that construction can (probably) begin in early 2023. In addition to a skate park, a jumpline for BMX, a calisthenics and pakour facility, a pump track with kid track will also be built.  


The first “Skatepark in a Box” location at Kölnberg is open!

From now on, up to 30 kids can rent skateboards and protective equipment here twice a week and learn to skate in pedagogically supervised workshops. “Thanks to the commitment of actor Wotan Wilke Möhring as project sponsor of “RTL – Wir helfen Kindern” (RTL – We help children), the first skateboard location of skate aid international for socially disadvantaged children and young people has now been opened together with RTL charity boss Wolfram Kons.” (RTL – Wir helfen Kindern) Titus […]

BL Post - Geilenkirchen - Eröffnung 220820 - 01

Skatepark opening in Geilenkirchen

On August 20, the new skatepark in Geilenkirchen was officially opened. The new facility consists of a small bowl with wallride, a jumpbox with ledge, a few streetelements like flatrail and curb and a seating tribune to the existing baskteball field.

BL Post - Krefeld - Beteiligungsworkshop 220816 - 02

Participation workshop in Krefeld

A new bowl with small street elements is planned in Krefeld. On August 16, local users were able to contribute their ideas and wishes on the basis of three different preliminary designs.

BL Gallery - Dortmund-Hombruch - Eroeffnung 220805

Opening of the new sports and leisure park in Dortmund-Hombruch

On August 5, the new facility in Dortmund-Hombruch, with Pumptrack, Bowl, Streetplaza, Snakerun, Pakour and Calisthenics facility as well as a multifunctional field, was officially opened. In addition to numerous visitors and several food trucks, there was also a spectacular program of different sports. On the multifunctional field the roller disco took place, at the pakour facility a show with somersaults and precision jumps was shown. In addition, it was possible to borrow a lot of sports equipment to try […]

BL Projekt - Dortmund Hombruch - Flyer Eröffnung 01

Sports and leisure park in Dortmund – opening on August 5th

The new sports and leisure park in Dortmund Hombruch with Pumptrack, Bowl, Streetplaza, Snakerun, Pakour and Calisthenics facility as well as a multifunctional field, will be ceremoniously opened on Friday, August 5th. The opening will be accompanied from 4 pm by a varied program for the respective sports, live music and various food trucks.

BL Post - Projekt - Geilenkirchen Skatepark - Baufortschritt 220721

Geilenkirchen skatepark – construction meeting July 21st

The new skatepark in Geilenkirchen is close to completion. During the meeting with the construction office and the executing company Campramps, we made a first test ride. The opening of the new facility is dated August 20th, 2022. More information will follow shortly.

BL Post - Sicherheitstech Abnahme - Emlichheim Pumptrack - 220629

Emlichheim Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On June 29th, 2022 we were in Emlichheim for the safety acceptance of the recently completed, Pumptrack.

BL Post - Sicherheitstech Abnahme - Recklinghausen Pumptrack - 220622

Westhausen Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On June 22nd, 2022 we were in Recklinghausen for the safety acceptance of the recently completed, Pumptrack.

BL Post - Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler Skatepark - 2ter Workshop 06.09.22

Skatepark Bad Neuenahr | 2nd participation workshop on 6 Sept. 22

There will be a second participation workshop for the new skatepark in Bad Neuenahr-Arhweiler on Sept. 6 at 5 p.m., where local users are invited to discuss the designs. The workshop will again take place at the supply station of the non-profit association “Die AHRche e.V.” at Kalvarienbergstraße 1, in 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The project Skatepark Bad-Neuenahr is supported by “skate-aid” and is accompanied by Titus Dittmann, the founder of “skate-aid”. The project is also supported by the municipal institution […]

BL Post - Westhausen Pumptrack - Sicherheitstechnische Abnahme 220706

Westhausen Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On July 6th, 2022 we were in Westhausen for the safety acceptance of the recently completed, Pumptrack.

BL Post - Augsburg Pumptrack - Sicherheitstechnische Abnahme 220706

Augsburg Pumptrack – safety acceptance test

On July 6th, 2022 we were in Augsburg for the safety acceptance of the recently completed, Pumptrack.

BL Galery - NRW Pumptrack Cup 22

NRW Pumptrack Cup

We from StreetGrown e.V. organize the first “Open NRW Pumptrack Cup” in 2022. This championship series is open to all hobby racers and licensed racers, from Germany and from all other countries. It will be started in different age classes and BMX and mountain bikes are allowed. At the races in Rheinberg and Wuppertal, there will also be some stuntscooter classes. (Stuntscooter Fun Race). We leave no athlete out, because Pumptrack Racing knows no age limits! For the final in […]

BL Post - BDLA Verbandszeitschrift - Ausgabe 2202

The Almeauen Flowpark in the bdla association magazine

In the issue 02 | 2022 of the bdla association magazine an article about the skate and bike park, which will be completed in 2020, has been published. Enjoy reading.

BL Post - Geilenkirchen - Baubeginn 220621

Geilenkirchen Start of construction of the new skate and bike park

Last week the construction of the new skate and bike park in Geilenkirchen started. The skatepark offers for skaters, bikers, bladers and scooters classic elements from the street terrain, a bowl and a challenging wallride, which combines street and bowl.


Wuppertal Pumptrack

The final touches are currently being made to the new pumptrack in Wupptertal and it is expected to be ready for opening at the end of July.

BL Post - Halle-Westfalen - Skatepark Baufortschritt - 220623

Halle Westfalen – Skate and Bike Park – Construction progress

During the site visit in Halle Westphalia on June 23, the first earthworks for the concrete skate park have been partially completed and the first formwork has been set.

BL - Post - Meerbusch Bike- und Skatepark - Eröffnung - 220611

Meerbusch skate and bike park opening

On June 11, the new skate and bike park in Meerbusch was ceremoniously opened. The numerous users and curious visitors could discover and try out the skate park with bowl, the kid track as well as the pump track in earth construction. During the celebration, different competition formats for the respective sports were held, where the visitors were treated to food and drinks from local companies.


Wuppertal Pumptrack construction site update

The new pumptrack in Wuppertal is almost finished and is expected to open in the upcoming summer.

BL - Post - Tag der Architektur 2022

Day of Architecture NRW 2022

This year we will participate in the Day of Architecture NRW 2022. For this purpose, we would like to invite you to a guided tour of the new sports and leisure park in Dortmund-Hombruch. The tour will take place on June 18, 2022 from 12pm to 2pm. Tour address: Kieferstraße 32 44225 Dortmund-Hombruch Youth Center Epi Further information about the “Day of Architecture NRW 2022” can be found under the following link:

BL Post - Meerbusch - Eröffnung 11.06.2022

Opening of the skate and bike park Meerbusch

On Saturday 11 June at 12 noon, the new skate and bike park in Meerbusch-Strümp will be officially opened. After the official opening ceremony there will be a best trick contest as well as a Game of Skate, a Game of Scoot with prizes from a variety of sponsors. There will also be BMX bikes, skateboards and scooters for rent on site. Please remember to bring your own protective gear.

BL Galery - Skatepark Bonn - 220528 - Eroeffnung

Skatepark Bonn – Opening 2nd construction phase

The second phase of construction, planned by us, was officially opened last Saturday! At the contest organized by SuBCulture Bonn e.V. was shown how to ride the new bowls.