Skatepark in a Box – Location Balti, Moldova

BL Galery - Skatepark in a Box - Balti Moldawien 221007

In a refugee camp in Pirlita/Balti in Moldova there are currently 380,000 refugees who have entered the Republic of Moldova since the beginning of the war. The refugee camp was set up on site by the association “Die AHRche e.V.” (international) and handed over to the local administration. Already in August a “Skatepark in a Box” was set up here by skate-aid and with volunteer skate coaches an offer for the refugee kids was provided. Here, up to 30 kids can borrow skateboards and protective equipment twice a week and learn to skate in pedagogically supervised workshops.

More information about the project “Skatepark in a Box” can be found here.

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