Skatepark in a Box Workshop in Berlin

Skatepark in a Box - Berlin-Tegel - 230417

At the closed down airport Tegel in Berlin we accompanied a skate workshop and could take some impressions.
Due to the rainy weather on this day, the workshop was held in the adjacent hangar. The kids, mainly Ukrainian refugees, could gain their first experiences on the board or improve their skills.

Photography: ©Jeffrey Ladd |


Since 2009, skate-aid has been realizing social skatepark projects worldwide for disadvantaged
children and young people in countries such as Uganda, Namibia, Palestine, Syria and Nepal.
Nepal and thus promotes their self-determined development. This is the mission of
skate-aid: We make children strong!
skate- aid international e.V. |

KuKuk consists of an experienced team of artists, architects, carpenters,
carpenters, metalworkers and pedagogues and develops worldwide innovative
and style-defining playgrounds worldwide.
KuKuk Box GmbH |

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