Skatepark Freiburg, Germany

The skate park was officially opened on 04 May 2015 !

First, a concept was developed based on ideas and suggestions of the loca skaters. This design was developed in close collaboration with with Skatement – the group of local skaters. Regular meetings on site with the skaters allowed optimal coordination and thus a particularly well-received result.

The park will be built in several phases, the first was completed in May, 2015. A specific feature is the combination of in-situ concrete elements with clinker bricks, also the existing trees were integrated into the overall concept. Now the trees offer protection from the sun in the hot summer months. Another highlight are the slappy curbs with the engraving of Skatement.

Check out the videos from the Skatepark Freiburg:

The one from the Eugen Martin Foundation:


The one from Boardmag: