SuBCulture Bonn e.V. construction phase II Skatebowls

On the site of the former youth traffic school in Bonn’s Rheinaue, the skatepark Bonn (1st construction phase Street) was opened in 2018. In cooperation with the operating association “SuBCulture Bonn e.V.” and the “Sport und Bäderamt” of the city of Bonn, the second construction phase was planned. With regard to the monument protection (since 2017) of the Rheinauenpark, it was necessary to preserve and ensure the historical characteristics, as laid out in the BUGA 1979. A backyard pool, a combination pool and a beginner’s flats in cast-in-place concrete construction were created on the existing area. The backyard pool, with tiles on the top edge, pool coping (curbs), the integrated steps and a so-called “death box” (water overflow), is very close to the pools in the California pool construction style from the 1970s. The larger Kombibowl is fun and challenging with different “corners”, heights and radii for every level. The use of steel and pool coping gives variety when grinding and sliding. Due to the shape it is possible for the user to use many different “lines”. This interaction of the shape, the different heights and the used materials makes the Kombibowl ideal for competitions. Since the street area (1st construction phase) was often too crowded and hectic for beginners, a beginner area with mobile skate elements was built between the new bowls/pools. Here beginners can now practice their tricks in peace and quiet. In addition, experienced users can also use this area, for example, as a “Game of Skate Arena”, where two or more skaters compete in their tricks.

For the project, a cost reduction could be achieved by the local association with its volunteer members doing preparations such as clearing, clearing the area and also the paving work. Working closely with a local sound engineering firm, it was ensured that noise emission limits would not be exceeded. The rescue concept developed in cooperation with the Bonn fire department makes it easier for rescue workers to remove injured persons from the skate park via a device for a rescue ladder.