We are building a new skate park for Kevelaer

In the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer, young people and senior citizens have been working together to build and maintain a skate park for more than ten years. There is an active skater community in the city, which initially worked on the renovation of the old facility, but last year relocated the location and dealt intensively with the development of a new skate park.

The existing skate complex is in a state of renovation. Furthermore, it is located outside the city center and is therefore not easy to reach for children and young people.

The central location and the existing, good infrastructure speak for the relocation of the skate park to the area of ​​the school center in Kevelaer. These include the cafeteria, the municipal lunch club, the municipal youth center, each with appropriate sanitary facilities as well as sports facilities and schools. These should use the facility as part of AG offers or in physical education.

Kevelaer neue Skateanlage

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