Winning design: Adventure site amusement park Moers

We are very happy to have won the competition in Moers. In cooperation with our colleagues, Förder landscape architects from Essen, we received first place for the design of the approx. 3 ha leisure park and the integrated, approx. 3,000 m² skate park.

Our conception of the skate park puts a special focus on noise protection, which we will implement through the location and nature of the elements. We also take into account future fun and the challenge for all skaters in Moers through areas with different levels of difficulty. There is a corresponding pool area for beginners, a snake run and an extensive plaza are also being created.

The park is scheduled for completion in late 2022.

(Renderings: Förder Landschaftsarchitekten )

The jury in Moers wrote about their decision: “With their guiding principle, by placing a “water converter “as the central, new element, the authors created an adequate and powerful replacement for the former lake area. The idea of ​​a park for everyone is consistently implemented by consistently zoning the individual functional areas. The planned scaffolding allows the connection of all areas with the simultaneous possibility of using different circular routes. The laying of the art path on the edge of the open meadow area and at a respectful distance from the Moersbach is apt and enables a better reception of the sculptures due to the prominent arrangement.

The location of the skate park in the southern area follows the noise protection recommendations and appears to be arranged sensibly, even if the noise protection measures still need to be revised. Planning the grandstand area between the skate park and the plaza is a good idea, as it shields the different areas of use from one another and at the same time offers view options on both sides…. ”

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