“Skateparks – Inclusion is a matter of course” A lecture by Ralf Maier

BDLA-Tag planer Forum am 211028

At the BDLA day at the planer Forum on 28.10.2021 Ralf Maier will give a lecture about inclusion in the planning of skateparks as a matter of course.

11:45 – Skateparks – Inclusion is a matter of course
maier landscape architecture | Ralf Maier:
Inclusion is on everyone’s lips. It is therefore gratifying to see that people with handicaps are included in skate parks as a matter of course. The example of the facilities in Kevelaer and Büren shows the enthusiasm for skate sports for the most diverse people.

You will find us at the plannerForum in Hall 9. Of course, members of the bdla and the professional association itself will also be available for information on the other days of the fair.

Pre-registration required

Registration via the bdla tool (https://bdla.de/anmeldung/neue-flaechen-fuer-bewegung) Participation fee: 50 euros for non-members of bdla, 25 euros for members of bdla, 10 euros for students This event for landscape architects is recognized by the AKNW with 2 hours of continuing education.

Further lectures at the planer Forum:

10.15 am – Kissed awake – from a non-place to a new center of town
Landscape architect plan-blatt | Yvonne Göckemeyer:
A new, attractive town center has been created in Leverkusen-Lützenkirchen through the creative cooperation of all those involved. The open spaces of the new residential buildings are characterized by biodiversity, near-natural rainwater management and a special play concept.

11.00 am – Play + fun – but safe – on the move
Landscape architect plan-blatt | Yvonne Göckemeyer:
How safe should play facilities be for children – but also for everyone else? How much risk is tolerable – and sometimes even desired? Come and talk to the speaker, who is also a qualified playground inspector.

New surfaces for new movement

1 – approx. 4 p.m. Congress room D in CC North
Calisthenics, Parkour, Pumptracks, …- many of these words are being bandied about when it comes to new movement surfaces. Why and how do people’s sports behavior change and make other types of sports surfaces necessary? And how can these contemporary free sport and movement areas look like? With explanations, examples and discussions we want to approach possible answers.

1. Düsseldorf on the Move – Constructional Trend Sports Areas as of 2017 | 45 min. 
speaker: Alexander Richter City of Düsseldorf Garden, Cemetery and Forestry Office

2. current movement offers, necessity, types and planning basics | 45 min. 
speaker: David Welter, Wuselwelten, landscape architect AKNW, qualified playground inspector

3. examples of national and international spaces for sport and movement | 45 min. 
speaker: Johannes Bühlbecker, More Sports Media

4. discussion and exchange | 30 min.

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