Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks! – Recommendation for Skate and Bike Facilities

Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks, because in the past decades the popular sports skateboard, BMX and mountain bike became mainstream sports. In addition to the professional field, the roll sports became also an increasingly popular sport and have become integral parts of youth culture and movement in public space. As a result, reinforced skate and bike plants will be built, which should also be suitable for use with other roller sports equipment, like balance bicycles, longboards, scooters, roller skates, snakeboards.

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The GaLaBau International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces takes place from 14. to 17. September.


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You will find us in the hall 3A at the stand 206 here


2011-10-25_Umschlag_Skate- und Bikeanlagen-Empfehlungen V2

The Recommendaton for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities was successfully published and will be presented Wednesday, 14. September in the hall 4A, stand 114.












Take a look at our lecture about skate and biek facilities in corporation with the German Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sport Facility Construction:

Wednesday at 12:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111

Am Samstag at 10:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111



(Deutsch) Skatepark Bethlehem – jetzt in neuem Look!

(Deutsch) Skatepark Bethlehem – jetzt in neuem Look!

The construction of the multifunctional skatepark started in November 2015. The project is realized with the support of Skate-Aid, SOS Children’s Village and the German Post/ DHL. An international construction team consisting of an American, a Serb and two Germans will build the skatepark in Palestine.

Since this summer Bethlehem has a new paint job:

AptART coordinated the paint job, the photos are by Tracey Shelton:

Skatepark More Generation Park Cloppenburg

Skatepark More Generation Park Cloppenburg

At the Multi Generation Park Cloppenburg, Germany, an in-situ concrete skatepark is being built! Soon, skateboards, BMX, scooter and inline skates can ride here. This will create a unique community of roll sports fans.

The skate park is divided mainly in two areas, street area and a pool area, in both parts are connected harmoniously together. In the street area are banks, curbs, rails, ledges and stairs to find. Also, areas with concrete slabs are built to emphasize the character of the street. The skate park is connected to the other paths and sports surfaces in two places and thus also accessible.

Skatepark Oberhausen, Germany

Skatepark Oberhausen, Germany

The Park has been finished in Octobre 2013!

The “Emscher Cooperative” has planned the construction of a new youth centre in the district Holten of the city Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany). The grounds were designed by landscape architects wbp, Elger Blitz from Holland and the artist Apolonija Susetric as well as us

One part of the grounds is a 600 m² large skatepark.

We were commissioned by the Emscher Cooperative with the detailed design, tendering and construction management.

Our concept of the skatepark is characterized by alltime favorites like Street Banks with Ledge, access to a quarterpipe and stairs with a rail. All this as a entrance and step-up to a classic Kidney-Bowl. And curbs all over the street are of course. Perfect versatile conditions for bike and skate!

Participation at the DIN standards committee about skate- und parkour facilities

Ralf Maier works through the German Sport University in the DIN standards committee skate and parkour facilities.

The Working Committee is responsible for the standardization of skate facilities. The product standards apply to installations for users of inline skates, roller skates, skateboards or similar roller sports equipment and BMX bicycles. The committee defines general and specific requirements and test methods for equipment used in unsupervised areas. Important aspects are eg. security-related requirements for characteristics, test methods, marking and serviceability. [Excerpt site DIN]

Workshop and youth participation with young migrants in Gummersbach, Germany

Physical education with a difference!

Workshop with children and young migrants in Gummersbach. Once again it appears that skating and BMX knows no boundary between cultures.

We have presented the state of planning for the sports and leisure park Gummersbach and answered questions, then we went to the gym of the high school. After a short demonstration, the kids and teenagers were rode the skateboards and BMX by themselves.

Thanks to skate-aid and the People’s Store for the support with boards/ flatrail!

Skatepark Minden, Germany

Skatepark Minden, Germany

We are pleased that the skateboard club Minden has managed to get fundings for a new skatepark. The park has been finished in may 2013!

When planning the plaza, the existing artwork (stone sculpture with Wall) was integrated into the concept.
Unique is this plant by combining typical skate park elements, such as the mini ramp, with street-typical elements such as the main path, which is reminiscent of a public square and the connected curbs and ledges. The existing archway underlines the routing and visual connection to the amphitheater.

Architects Newspaper published an article about the skatepark Bethlehem

The Architects Newspaper published an article about the skatepark Bethlehem.

The Architect’s Newspaper serves up news and inside reports to a niche community of architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, lighting designers, interior designers, academics, developers, contractors, and other parties interested in the built urban environment.

Read the article online:

“German landscape architecture firm Maier Landschaftsarchitektur has designed a very colorful addition to Bethlehem, a town you’d be forgiven for foremost associating with the birthplace of a certain Biblical character. Built with the support of charities Skate-Aid and SOS Children’s Villages….”

FLL recommendation for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities

FLL-Empfehlung-Skateparks-BikeanlagenFLL – research and development company for landscape development and landscape construction
The FLL pursued by statute exclusively charitable purposes for the promotion of science and research for landscape development and landscaping in areas fundamentals, planning, design and production as well as the preparation and dissemination of policies and guidelines in these areas.

Ralf Maier is director of the rules committee for the “design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities”.

Currently the “recommendation for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities” was published in form of a “yellow print” (an objection procedure).

The new recommendation is intended for planners, designers, suppliers and public institutions. The FLL recommendation shall serve as extension of the DIN EN 14974 (facilities for the use with roll sport gadgetry) from 2010 and covers the following topics:
– Overview of the different types of facilities
– Requirements for the construction and building materials
– Planning and design principles
– Requirements for maintenance
– Best practice examples


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Skatepool Kempten, Germany

Skatepool Kempten, Germany

The Skatepool Kempten is under construction since May 2016.

The existing skatepark at the street Illerdamm in Kempten, Germany will be expanded by a concrete skate pool. The construction will be finished in summer 2016.

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Skatepark Lübbecke, Germany

Skatepark Lübbecke, Germany

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The city of Lübbecke (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) wanted to rebuild their existing skate facility completely. The existing broken concrete sections with the poor riding surface were demolished and replaced by a completely new skatepark.

In cooperation with local skaters, this new facility was planned. The new Skateplaza includes the classical elements of urban streets.


Skatepark Freiburg, Germany

Skatepark Freiburg, Germany

The skate park was officially opened on 04 May 2015 !

First, a concept was developed based on ideas and suggestions of the loca skaters. This design was developed in close collaboration with with Skatement – the group of local skaters. Regular meetings on site with the skaters allowed optimal coordination and thus a particularly well-received result.

The park will be built in several phases, the first was completed in May, 2015. A specific feature is the combination of in-situ concrete elements with clinker bricks, also the existing trees were integrated into the overall concept. Now the trees offer protection from the sun in the hot summer months. Another highlight are the slappy curbs with the engraving of Skatement.

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RB training centre Leipzig, Germany

RB training centre Leipzig, Germany

For RB Leipzig training center, we have planned bike & skate elements for the forecourt. The work was completed in 2015.

Before the newly built Red Bull training center Leipzig a public square was planned with sculptural public space like skate elements. These elements are designed in a way that one will only perceived them as skate elements at a closer look. So they are “skate-able recreation elements”.