Spaces for movement – when standards and user preferences collide

The magazine for landscaping architecture „Anthos” has put out an article by us in its May 2017 issue with the title “When standards and user preferences collide”. In it we explore how norms and other regulations for  skate- and bike parks can be matched with the demands and expectations of its future users.

BMX and skateboarding are well-established forms of sport; subsequently, the demand for high quality roll-sport-facilities is on the rise

Design and construction of these projects requires a lot of specific technical knowledge and experience. Therefore, execution through skilled planners and specialized construction companies is advised.

Because of the many possibilities concerning layout, choice of materials and size of both park and obstacles it is indispensable to include all potential users in the design process through various workshops.

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BMX Freestyle Park will be olympic in Tokyo 2020

BMX has already grown up as a trend sport type in the 1970s and since then has grown. In the scene only BMX-Race was first driven, which became an Olympic discipline 8 years ago. In the seventies and eighties, however, a variety of styles have already developed, mostly under freestyle.

BMX Freestyle Park – one of the most popular BMX discipline – will officially be represented at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The international cycling association UCI has announced that BMX Freestyle Park has been recognized as an Olympic discipline by the IOC, the International Olympic Committee! We are already looking forward to Olympic 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. There will be the second BMX competition next to Race.


Images: Butcher-Jam:Hansfriedrich; Mülheim an der Ruhr: Maier; BMXBOOK Cover: Jan Kovermann

Skatepark Duelmen, Germany

Skatepark Duelmen, Germany

The 2,000 m² big skatepark is devided in three areas.

On the highest level is a pool with vert from there you get over banks and transition to the next level. A tree emphasizes the street character. Banks and a wallride gives you a lot of opportunities to improve your riding.
After some banks, ledges and rails you get down on the lowest level. Instead of concrete, you find a flagging without a chamber-bevel and with a small gap for better riding conditions. A vulcano, ten stairs, rails, banks and curbs gives you everything you need!

Sports and leisure facility – flyer of german landscape architects

The Federation of German landscape architects from NRW bdlanw a flyer (download) on the subject of sport and recreational facilities put out. Because Skate parks are a fundamental part of modern sports and leisure facilities a park by us in the flyer is in Lübbecke!

Sport plays a diverse role in the life of the people. A compete in the athletic competition to top performance, the others find the balance to the job in the movement, operate it with the aim of maintaining healthy, for recreation. Suitable rooms, which enable the undisturbed exercise of individual sports are what is always needed.
Landscape architects are the professionals for the planning of free facilities for sports and games. It’s not only the creative idea and technical implementation of the rules and regulations, but also the embedding of the sports facilities in their environment. Successful sports facilities live more in harmony with their surroundings… more about this

DIN standards and traffic safety at skate and bike parks

DIN standards and traffic safety at skate and bike parks, an issue that many busy. We will also give a presentation to ensure clarity. On November 16, at the 6th sport infra – The Sports Fair – we are supposed to speak as part of the Forum Trend sports facilities.

Die Sports Fair is held at and November and is free.More information: Website of the sportinfra.




Skatepark Kenia, Africa

Skatepark Kenia, Africa

By cooperating with Skate-Aid and the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation the 400 square meter skatepark Nairobi and a multifunctional sports field (football, basketball…) could be realized at the Shangilia school in Nairobi, Kenya.

After the completion in September 2013 a skateboarder acts as manager and teacher at the plant. He will assist and instruct students and the local skaters during physical education.

The skate park is on two levels. The higher level has a kidney bowl with hips. From there you can on rails and ledges to roll down into the street area, including a pyramid, ledges, curbs, a flat rail, small quarter and banks.

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Skatepark Hennef – TempoAir – Pool and Street

Skatepark Hennef – TempoAir – Pool and Street

In Hennef, Germany a replacement skate park will be built. Part of the area, however, can be used only temporarily, the other part will be permanent. For these conditions to develop a coherent overall concept is our job.


Permanent part

The permanently usable area will receiving a pool/ Bowl made of in-situ concrete, at the temporary area in-situ concrete elements be placed on an existing asphalt surface. The first workshop with the future users has already taken place. With this workshop the users could integrate wishes and ideas into the design process. Moreover participation strengthens the acceptance and use for the park.

Within the participation process it turned out, that the locals like to have a mellow pool with spine-variations. Therefore the pool has an ideal flow for beginners and advanced skaters.


Temporarily part

The temporarily used part is based on an open space area. The in-situ concrete obstacles lay in cobblestones, to give the user the impression of skating in the streets. Inside this streetarea you have a wooble, a flatrail, a pyramid with hubba and a table. The street area and the bowl area ar connected with banks and a handrail.

The active opening was on the 20. October. Besides trying the new skatepark out, users could have a little refreshment at the barbecue.

The Opening:

Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks! – Recommendation for Skate and Bike Facilities

Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks, because in the past decades the popular sports skateboard, BMX and mountain bike became mainstream sports. In addition to the professional field, the roll sports became also an increasingly popular sport and have become integral parts of youth culture and movement in public space. As a result, reinforced skate and bike plants will be built, which should also be suitable for use with other roller sports equipment, like balance bicycles, longboards, scooters, roller skates, snakeboards.

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+++ GaLaBau Trade Fair Nuermberg +++ FLL Recommendation +++ Lectures about Skate and Bike Parks +++

GaLaBau Messe Logo

The GaLaBau International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces takes place from 14. to 17. September.


messestand maier galabau

You will find us in the hall 3A at the stand 206 here


2011-10-25_Umschlag_Skate- und Bikeanlagen-Empfehlungen V2

The Recommendaton for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities was successfully published and will be presented Wednesday, 14. September in the hall 4A, stand 114.












Take a look at our lecture about skate and biek facilities in corporation with the German Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sport Facility Construction:

Wednesday at 12:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111

Am Samstag at 10:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111



(Deutsch) Skatepark Bethlehem – jetzt in neuem Look!

(Deutsch) Skatepark Bethlehem – jetzt in neuem Look!

The construction of the multifunctional skatepark started in November 2015. The project is realized with the support of Skate-Aid, SOS Children’s Village and the German Post/ DHL. An international construction team consisting of an American, a Serb and two Germans will build the skatepark in Palestine.

Since this summer Bethlehem has a new paint job:

AptART coordinated the paint job, the photos are by Tracey Shelton:

Skatepark More Generation Park Cloppenburg

Skatepark More Generation Park Cloppenburg

At the Multi Generation Park Cloppenburg, Germany, an in-situ concrete skatepark is being built! Soon, skateboards, BMX, scooter and inline skates can ride here. This will create a unique community of roll sports fans.

The skate park is divided mainly in two areas, street area and a pool area, in both parts are connected harmoniously together. In the street area are banks, curbs, rails, ledges and stairs to find. Also, areas with concrete slabs are built to emphasize the character of the street. The skate park is connected to the other paths and sports surfaces in two places and thus also accessible.

Skatepark Oberhausen, Germany

Skatepark Oberhausen, Germany

The Park has been finished in Octobre 2013!

The “Emscher Cooperative” has planned the construction of a new youth centre in the district Holten of the city Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany). The grounds were designed by landscape architects wbp, Elger Blitz from Holland and the artist Apolonija Susetric as well as us

One part of the grounds is a 600 m² large skatepark.

We were commissioned by the Emscher Cooperative with the detailed design, tendering and construction management.

Our concept of the skatepark is characterized by alltime favorites like Street Banks with Ledge, access to a quarterpipe and stairs with a rail. All this as a entrance and step-up to a classic Kidney-Bowl. And curbs all over the street are of course. Perfect versatile conditions for bike and skate!

Participation at the DIN standards committee about skate- und parkour facilities

Ralf Maier works through the German Sport University in the DIN standards committee skate and parkour facilities.

The Working Committee is responsible for the standardization of skate facilities. The product standards apply to installations for users of inline skates, roller skates, skateboards or similar roller sports equipment and BMX bicycles. The committee defines general and specific requirements and test methods for equipment used in unsupervised areas. Important aspects are eg. security-related requirements for characteristics, test methods, marking and serviceability. [Excerpt site DIN]

Workshop and youth participation with young migrants in Gummersbach, Germany

Physical education with a difference!

Workshop with children and young migrants in Gummersbach. Once again it appears that skating and BMX knows no boundary between cultures.

We have presented the state of planning for the sports and leisure park Gummersbach and answered questions, then we went to the gym of the high school. After a short demonstration, the kids and teenagers were rode the skateboards and BMX by themselves.

Thanks to skate-aid and the People’s Store for the support with boards/ flatrail!

Skatepark Minden, Germany

Skatepark Minden, Germany

We are pleased that the skateboard club Minden has managed to get fundings for a new skatepark. The park has been finished in may 2013!

When planning the plaza, the existing artwork (stone sculpture with Wall) was integrated into the concept.
Unique is this plant by combining typical skate park elements, such as the mini ramp, with street-typical elements such as the main path, which is reminiscent of a public square and the connected curbs and ledges. The existing archway underlines the routing and visual connection to the amphitheater.