Skatepark Peru Curahuasi

Skatepark Peru Curahuasi

In Curahuasi, Peru (about 2 hours west of Cusco) the central town square shall be redesigned as a recreational square, the Skatepark Peru shall arise.

Simon Giesbrecht, who is living in Peru, contacted skate-aid from Muenster in 2015. Since then we developed a concept for the new town square. The new facility is divided into different areas. Featuring a pool area with different skate elements arranged on the court surface. Also, a large multifunctional area is contemplated for events and other sports and leisure activities. We are curious whether and how we implement the project with Simon in the future.

Skatepark Costa Rica

Skatepark Costa Rica

We support the project by Christian Petzold from Dresden who wants to implement his second skatepark project along with Pura Vida Skatebording and Vida Nueva and in Costa Rica.

Currently he is trying to get foundraisers for the construction.


Skatepark Agadir, Morocco

Skatepark Agadir, Morocco

We have planned two skateparks in Morocco – these projects are supported by “Roll for Life“.

In the city of Agadir, a Skatpark will be build into a classic sports facility. The almost 600 m² skatepark will contain a skatepool and a street area.

Sadly the project won’t be realized due to deficient funding.

Skatepark Rabat, Morocco

Skatepark Rabat, Morocco

Under the newly constructed bridge of King Hassan II, a 4,000 m² large concrete skatepark will be built.

Due the planning we had to consider a lot of requirements  from the city of Rabat. For example we weren’t allowed to build elements into the soil and not exceed certain heights.


Bike- & Skatepark Cologne

Cologne is without question one of the BMX-bike-skate capitals in Germany.

But there is no public (inner-city, free entry) place for BMX, MTB, Inlineskating and Kickboard!

What is missing is Cologne is an inner-city public Bike- and Skatepark, which is not only tailored to the needs of small groups or do discriminate particular groups.

A public Skatepark for all! BMX-Riders, Skateboarders, Inlineskaters, Mountainbikers and Kickoarders etc.

That’s why we (the Cologne BMX-Riders) have joined forces and organized


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International Architecture Award

We are very happy to announce that we, together with Titus Dittmann (skate-aid), received an international Architecture Award from IOC (International Olympic Committee) and IAKS (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities) for our project Skatepark in Karokh, Afghanistan“.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony on 26th October 2011 that took place during the FSB 2011 (the International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities) in Cologne.

Ride/ Skate/ Build on!


Once again, Europe’s biggest Mountainbike Freeride Festival “DiRTMASTERS” are happening in the Bikepark Winterberg from 2nd till 5th of June 2011.

As we planed the ‘Giro-Bowl’ for the Bikepark in 2009, this year there will be the ‘Giro Bowl Best Trick’ competition. This huge festival is so much worth to see.

Visit .

Dirtjump-Area Township Much

Close to the sports field of the township Much (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany), a Dirtjump-Area for BMX and MTB (mountainbike) will be created.

The Dirtjump-Area shall be built in summer 2011.

Dirtjump-Area Milow

In cooperation with the company Camp Ramps ( we have planned this Dirtjump-Area.

It includes a BMX- and MTB-Park with various Dirt-Lines. The tower is simultaneously used as a climbing tower.

It is a trend-setting, functional link between the sports BMX/ MTB and climbing with an exceptional design.

Skatepark in Görlitz, Germany

The existing skate facility in Görlitz-Königshufen was completely redesigned. In our design, the existing asphalt surface and the “ramps” would be gone. We created a Skateplaza!

The Plaza consists of two levels, would be completely made of concrete and would have an area of approximately 330m2.

Unfortunatly in 2010 there was a massive flood that destroyed so much in this area, including the budget and plans for that skateplaza.