On site in Damascus

Our skate park in Damascus was completed in 2019. Tobi from Skate-Aid recently made his way to Syria – in his luggage: 60kg (!) skateboard stuff. Still the only way to provide the workshops in Qudsaya / Damascus with the necessary material. Due to the political situation, it is not possible to send packages to Syria, or to fly there directly. Entry was only possible through Lebanon and with the help of the good contacts of the project partner, the SOS Children’s Villages. That means about two days travel time from Germany.

On site, of course, they were totally enthusiastic about the visit and the kids were happy about skateboards, schooners and helmets. In addition to meetings to recap the first half of the year, to introduce changes and improvements, the skate park was visited, an apartment for the volunteers was sought and the budget for 2020 was decided. This year there will be two volunteers on site at the same time, who are passionate about it.

The skate park is also a popular place for children (and parents) outside of the workshops to meet, skate and play together.

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