urbanize! 2015, Vienna – “Skatepark in a Box”

From the 02nd-10th of octobre 2015the international festival for urban explorationsurbanize!“, will held again in Vienna, Austria.

On the festival ground are refugees housed as well. That’s why we will build a “Skatepark in a box” together with and for the refugees. „Skatepark in a box“ is our latest idea as an urban module for a personal skatepark construction. Supported by Skate-Aid there will be Skateboard workshops as well.

Idea – “Skatepark in a Box”

We put together a package that lets anyone – even without specialist knowledge of design and con- struction – build his own skatepark or -spot. With the contents of the package you can build a skate element, such as a bank, a curb, a quarterpipe, or just a wobble. Whether a you will expanded a local skate park, someone wants to build a new skate element in his garden or kids who appropriate unu- sed areas under the highway bridge since years. Reclaiming public space, self-realization and to draw attention to current problems in the city are being enabled.

Info – urbanize! 2015 www.urbanize.at

»Do It Together” is dedicated to the exploration of prospects of a cooperative urbanism. Workshops, city tours, lectures and discussions, films and artistic interventions explore a thriving practice in many cities, characterized by co-operation, self-empowerment and a desire for social change.

From 2nd-11th Octobre, the urbanize!-festival also serves refugees as emergency accommodation since mid-September. Long before the refugee crisis has reached Austria, we have the Cooperative Playground planned as a space for exchange and experiment in which transform ideas into action, fiction to reality, will follow talks experiments. In the current situation the testing of possibilities of cooperation is an everyday reality for refugees, aid agencies and civil society.

02nd-11th octobre 2015 – Festival Centre, Marxergasse 1 | 1030 Vienna | Austria

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