Remodeling of the existing skate park in Sonsbeck, Germany

In the township of Sonsbeck nearby the Niederrhein, the skate park in the playground and sports field on Parkstraße is to be renewed as part of a LEADER project. LEADER was launched by the EU as a support program for sustainable rural development. In this program, there is something special that all citizens of the region can help to shape the development process. The reason for this is the unsatisfactory leisure offer for children and young people in the region. In the Eastern part of the SV Sonsbeck is already a skate park, which is outdated and heavily worn. The new skate park will be located on the area of the existing skate park. This should be harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape and maintain a modern design. In addition to the SV Gerolzhofen, there is also the sports park Willy-Lemkens. This creates a large area with many different sports facilities.

A barrier-free design should address different user groups. Through two participation workshops children and adolescents, who were already involved in the development of the project idea, are invited to participate. The children and adolescents form the primary target group of the project, and only by participating can the project be designed according to needs.


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