Sport Facilities 2.0 open, free and outdoors? Lecture in Muelheim, Germany

On September 7, 2016, we will hold a lecture on skate and bike parks in Muelheim, Germany under the title Sports Facilities 2.0: open, free and outdoors?

The Sport Service Muelheim, sport league muelheim and the Sports Federation of NRW, Germany will held this meeting on 7 September 2016.

“Sports Facilities 2.0: open, free, outdoors” In addition to the classic sports trend sports are increasingly important. But these new activities require new sports facilities – so that is facing a revolution of the sports landscape?

What demands do modern sports have and where lies the boundary between feasibility and dream scenario? It is time to set up not only models and concepts for future-oriented sports grounds, but to work intensively on its implementation.

This will be achieved through the community exchanges of scientists, towns, municipalities, private institutions, clubs and athletes. The goal is to go into detail and give planners and activists concrete planning aids. Therefore, there will be plenty of space for discussions with the experts, especially in the workshops. (Excerpt from the program flyer)
The program flyer can be downloaded here. They also can register online on the same side.

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