Sport and leisure facility Gerolzhofen, Germany

The city of Gerolzhofen plans to build a sports park for children, adolescents and athletes. This was given as part of a planning competition to maier landscape architecture. The designated area for this is located in the Schallfelder Straße. Next to the football pitch of the FC Gerolzhofen there is a parking lot, which is to be rebuilt for this sports park.

In this park there is going to be space for a skate park, a pump track, a street ball field and a Calisthenicsanlage. The skatepark will have a size of 240 m² and be built of concrete. The local scene would like to see quarters at different heights, a jumpbox, a bank and a pyramid with Ledge and Rail. The pump track will be made of asphalt and has an area of about 280m².

The Calisthenicsanlage is used to train with your own body weight on specious of sports equipment. In order to give this device sufficient fall protection, the ground will consist of wood chippings. The streetball field will be built on asphalt, on an area of 10×10 m, with a basketball net.


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