Skatepark Aktive Mitte,
in the Gelsenkirchen Hassel district park

The city of Gelsenkirchen commissioned us to plan a new skate park. In coordination with future users, a concept was developed that meets all requirements from a constructional and sporting point of view.

A wide range of trend sports will be created on the central square of the district park, framed by trees and uniformly designed furniture. Here you will skate, BMX-, scooter- or inline-ride. There will also be opportunities for wheelchar motocross (WCMX) or basketball.

Strolling visitors to the district park can watch the hustle and bustle, interested people are encouraged to participate. A graffiti concrete wall can be sprayed by future users. The facility will also be illuminated, so there no reason why you shouldn´t enjoy the leisure activities in the evenings.

Construction is scheduled to begin in autumn this year.

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