FLL recommendation for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities

FLL-Empfehlung-Skateparks-BikeanlagenFLL – research and development company for landscape development and landscape construction
The FLL pursued by statute exclusively charitable purposes for the promotion of science and research for landscape development and landscaping in areas fundamentals, planning, design and production as well as the preparation and dissemination of policies and guidelines in these areas.

Ralf Maier is director of the rules committee for the “design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities”.

Currently the “recommendation for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities” was published in form of a “yellow print” (an objection procedure).

The new recommendation is intended for planners, designers, suppliers and public institutions. The FLL recommendation shall serve as extension of the DIN EN 14974 (facilities for the use with roll sport gadgetry) from 2010 and covers the following topics:
– Overview of the different types of facilities
– Requirements for the construction and building materials
– Planning and design principles
– Requirements for maintenance
– Best practice examples


The objection procedure runs from 02 May 2016 – 01 August 2016.
The fashion sports like skateboarding, mountainbiking and BMX grew to established and acknowledged sports. Not only professionals carry these sports out but also many amateurs want to execute this sport. Many municipalities try to create their own facilities for the many interested children and teenagers.

In the past many facilities were built with minor or major deficits. Some facilities were never really used at all after completion. The skaters started to use public places which caused many conflicts.

Various users and pressure groups where consulted during the creation of the fll recommendation which will help with conception of skate and bike facilities in the future.

The FLL informs the involved professionals and the technical press on the objection procedure immediately. As part of the official objection procedure from 02 May 2016 – 01 August 2016 those interested can request the yellow print for 7.50 EUR at the FLL and submit notes/ comments to the FLL. For more information, visit the homepage of the FLL.

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Contact: Michael Fuchs

The rules committee will advise all comments received after public scrutiny in a separate meeting on 08 August 2016.

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