Photoexhibition: Giving identity through skateboarding

Self-motivation, confidence and solidarity are distinct personality traits among skaters. Usually, the athletes are also able to apply these skills to school, career and personal life. In the past, the „scene“ has regularly spawned social changes, unconventional solutions, art forms and fashion trends on a global scale, while their origin often remained unknown to he public. But since this is common sense among skaters, it also took one of their own (a skater vom the USA) to realize the potential of skateparks to humanitarian aid.

Nowadays there are several charities and NGOs in the world that build skateparks in areas of crisis from donations to improve the living conditions of those affected. But instead of knowledge and access to food (which of course are also important for sustainable development cooperation) the parks are meant to support more subtle factors in young adults that are much harder to measure, like intrinsic motivation, personal development, sense of belonging and the urge for fulfilment. In skateboarding-culture, origin, religion, status and colour are irrelevant. The only important thing is a shared love for the sport.

By investing in the youngest members of society, it can be changed at its base, which makes it a sustainable contribution to humanitarian work in the affected region. For many years Maier Landschaftsarchitektur / Betonlandschaften has been at the forefront of this movement as an honorary planner for german associations and could therefore participate at many diverse projects around the world.

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