FSB Fair Cologne: BDLA Pumptrack Seminar

Ralf Maier from Betonlandschaften / maier Landschaftsarchitektur is speaker at the event as part of the BDLA Day on 07.11.2019 in Cologne on the FSB Fair.

Pumptracks – The new roller sports facilities Planning, construction and safety instructions

The program is aimed at colleagues with a focus on sports and leisure facilities and builders in municipalities and sports clubs.

With this event we offer an insight into the planning, construction and safety requirements to be observed. The basics and decision support for the planning and implementation of pump tracks in asphalt construction will be taught. A pump track in asphalt construction is not just a simple bike system, but the most versatile multi-functional system for a wide variety of roller sports. In addition to the MTB & BMX bikes, these asphalt pump tracks are suitable for other users such as skateboarders, longboarders, inline skaters, roller skaters and even wheelchair users.

You can expect interesting lectures and exciting panel discussions. The workshop is divided into 4 themed blocks.

13:00 to 17:00

  1. Requirements for the planning of roller sports facilities, construction methods, costs
    Speaker: David Welter, landscape architect AKNW, qualified playground inspector
  2. Safety requirements for roller sports equipment;
    Speaker: Ralf Maier, Landscape Architect BDLA, IAKF, FLL
  3. Pedagogy / social impact of pump tracks;
    Speaker: Konrad Willar
  4. Best practice – examples of facilities
    Speaker: Ralf Maier, Landscape Architect BDLA, IAKF, FLL

We also recommend a visit to the free morning program of the bdla day in the area of ​​the PlanerForum, i.a. with the topics: „Climate change – green as part of the solution“, „play + fun – but safe – on the move“ and „skate parks – building blocks of peace work in crisis areas“.


FSB Fair Cologne: BDLA Pumptrack Seminar

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