Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks! – Recommendation for Skate and Bike Facilities

Finally, there is a set of rules for skate parks, because in the past decades the popular sports skateboard, BMX and mountain bike became mainstream sports. In addition to the professional field, the roll sports became also an increasingly popular sport and have become integral parts of youth culture and movement in public space. As a result, reinforced skate and bike plants will be built, which should also be suitable for use with other roller sports equipment, like balance bicycles, longboards, scooters, roller skates, snakeboards.

However, in their design and construction, the development of the sporting requirements and the involvement of specialist designers and athletes are often not sufficiently considered. Some Skates facilities were built in the past which are hardly or not accepted at all by the athletes. For their sport they often differ on public space and its equipment such as stairs, handrails, benches, slides on playgrounds and town squares or in residences. This use of public space can lead to various conflicts between towns, municipalities, residents and athletes. A sufficient supply of suitable skate and bike facilities can contribute to conflict resolution.

The purpose of this recommendation is to describe the basic requirements for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of skate and bike facilities as a decision support for the design of future skate parks. These are intended to supplement the safety requirements of DIN EN 14974 Skates standard and describe the different designs for different plant types with their advantages and disadvantages.

The basics of different types of mountain bike facilities are presented in descriptive form. Due to their diversity and complexity, especially depending on the terrain topography, it was not possible in the context of these recommendations, to define precise specifications and requirements to be described in a separate set of rules.

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