Bike- & Skatepark Cologne

Cologne is without question one of the BMX-bike-skate capitals in Germany.

But there is no public (inner-city, free entry) place for BMX, MTB, Inlineskating and Kickboard!

What is missing is Cologne is an inner-city public Bike- and Skatepark, which is not only tailored to the needs of small groups or do discriminate particular groups.

A public Skatepark for all! BMX-Riders, Skateboarders, Inlineskaters, Mountainbikers and Kickoarders etc.

That’s why we (the Cologne BMX-Riders) have joined forces and organized


monthly open planning meetings since late summer of 2011.

After the third planning meeting, a small planning group (6 persons: Timm Wiegmann (BMX pro living in Cologne), Jan Heinen (BMX Cologne), Kay Beutling (BMX Cologne), Ingo Kraus (freedombmx Magazine Cologne), Martin Ohliger (freedombmx Magazine Cologne), Ralf Maier (landscape architect Cologne)) were determined by all of the participants and  they collected the ideas into a concept / design.

Numerous ideas and designs were favored for ramps (rough drawings, 3D designs and photographs of existing ramp structures) were brought and presented. It was now necessary to create a compromise plan.

This should have as many needs of the Cologne BMX scene but also of the skateboarders and all other different riding styles.

In a 6-headed planning group now these ideas have been brought together into an overall concept.

Than the Cologne “Office for Children and Youth interests ” had given us two locations to choose from, and we all decided on the central locatione, a sports park on ‘Innere Kanalstrasse’.

The bike park design was varied in several meetings and finally adjusted to a draft was presented on 13.12.2011, which was approved unconditionally from all.

This Endresult Design not only considers BMX-Riders, but also the Skateboarders, Mountainbikers, Inlineskaters and  Kickboarders.

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