Skatingpoint Scharbeutz, Skatepark at the Baltic Sea

A new skatepark was planned and built in Scharbeutz, Germany at the Baltic Sea. On the designated area, skate-elements were placed some years ago. These are now worn-out and needed to be replaced. The newly designed skatepark is casted with in-situ concrete. Surrounded by dunes the park will contain a pool- and street-area. A first workshop with enthusiastic teenagers and adolescents has already taken place.

The most noticeable eyecatcher will be the banks that rise from the flat and resemble the shape of a lean bow and stern of a ship. Via ledges, curbs and rails the skaters can get from there to the street-area that leads straight into an open bowl. The top of the bowl is grindable because of either steel-coping or sheet-pile that adds to the nautical theme of the park. For the same reason bollards and anchors are skateable polejam elements with flying flags adjacent to the park to mimic the sails of a ship.

A kidney-bowl is placed in the middle of the site. Its various depths and radii is attractive and challenging for both novice and advanced skaters.

BMX-riders particularly enjoy the jumpline that is located futher to the north in the park. Several elements, including a spine-transfer enable them to try various jumps and tricks.