Skatepark Oberhausen, Germany

Skatepark Oberhausen-Holten 2014 The Park has been finished in Octobre 2013!

The “Emscher Cooperative” plans the construction of a new youth centre in the district “Holten” of the city Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany). The grounds were designed by landscape architects wbp, Elger Blitz from Holland and the artist Apolonija Susetric.

One part of the grounds is a 600 m² large skatepark.

We were commissioned by the Emscher Cooperative with the detailed design, tendering and construction management. In spring 2013 the construction of the skatepark started.

Our concept of the skatepark is characterized by alltime favorites like Street Banks with Ledge, access to a quarterpipe and stairs with a rail. All this as a entrance and step-up to a classic Kidney-Bowl. And curbs all over the street are of course. Perfect versatile conditions for bike and skate!