Almeauen Flowpark, Büren

The city of Büren commissioned us to plan a skate park in the historic city center.

The Bach Alme, which meanders there, was the inspiration for our Flowpark “Flowing Driving Experience” concept in two senses: The meandering course of the Bach Alme was modeled in the form of a flowing skate park (flow parks) and enables a flowing driving experience (flow).

The design of the Flowpark blends harmoniously into the entire landscape thanks to the organic shapes. The existing trees have been sensitively integrated into the planning and provide shade for the users.

Several participation dates were held with the future users. Not only skateboarders can be active in the Flowpark, but also longboard, BMX bikes, MTB bikes, inline skates, roller skates or scooter riders.

The issue of inclusion also played a major role and was considered in the context of the planning participation. We placed special emphasis on inclusion, through barrier-free access and accessibility by wheelchair users, even with competitiveness in wheelchair sports (WHC).

In this way, an identity-creating place was created for the young people, as this facility was designed by them in advance and was previously only children’s play facilities in the Almeauenpark.

The flow park was realized in a concrete construction that is inexpensive to maintain and with a useful life of approx. 30 – 50 years. The concrete material can also be recycled and reused.