Pumptrack Hameln

Pumptrack Hameln

In the new Bailypark, an approximately 700m² asphalt pumptrack is going to be built for bikers from Hameln and the surrounding area.

Our planning is about to be approved.

If everything goes according to plan, the construction of the track will begin in autumn 2020.

Skateparkrenovation Friedrichshafen

Skateparkrenovation Friedrichshafen

The old skatepark under the bridge of Länderöscherstraße will be renovated soon!

The excisting prefabricated skateramps in Friedrichshafen aren´t in a good shape anymore. That´s why they will be replaced by a brand new in-situ concrete skatepark. In addition, mainly for the local BMXer are steelramps with woodflooring next to the park planned.

The start of the construction is scheduled for the beginning of summer 2019.

Skatepark with Pumptrack Brünsbüttel

Skatepark with Pumptrack Brünsbüttel

Three local teenager made this project in Brunsbüttel happen!

Their own initiative and engagement achieved that the skatepark with a separated pumptrack will be built in summer 2019.

Planned is a approximately 400m² big skatepark with in-situ concrete which will have many street elements and next to it a 300m² big pumptrack made out of asphalt.



Betonlandschaften in Nürnberg


Auch 2018 ist Betonlandschaften wieder auf der GaLaBau Messe in Nürnberg vertreten.

Ihr findet uns in Halle 1 Stand 1-629.

Besucht uns, wenn ihr mehr über die Planung von Bike- und Skateparks zu erfahren, etwas von unseren Spannenden Projekten erfahren oder einfach nur ein lockeres Gespräch führen wollt.

Skater, Biker, Städte und Gemeinden, Landschaftsarchitektur-Kollegen und Kolleginnen, Ausführende Firmen sowie einfach interessierte sind an unserem Stand jederzeit willkommen.

Ihr haben euch schon immer gefragt:

  • Was macht einen guten Skatepark aus?
  • Wie läuft die Planung eines Skatepark überhaupt ab?
  • Wie bindet man die zukünftigen Nutzer am besten in den Planungsprozess ein?

Diese Fragen haben wir uns auch gestellt und seit Jahren fachlich wertvolle Antworten darauf gesammelt. Profitiert von unserem Fachwissen und besucht uns uns auf der GaLaBau Messe 2018 in Nürnberg.

Inclusion on rollers

Namibia’s first inclusive skatepark opened in Windhoek on 23 February 2018.

In a cooperative venture involving Global Experience Münster, Global Experience Namibia, two UNESCO schools (Schillergymnasium and Primusschule) in Münster, Germany, and the aid organisation ‘skate-aid’, this unique facility has been built at the National Institute for Special Education (NISE). The Cologne ‘Betonlandschaften’ firm designed the skatepark, working on a voluntary basis.

The skatepark in Namibia‘s capital of Windhoek is located in Hans-Dietrich Genscher Street near the city centre. In the wider neighbourhood […]

Sports facility Gummersbach, Germany

Sports facility Gummersbach, Germany

Here you can see our first ideas for the sports facility in Gummersbach, Germany.

Between an old signal tower, the street Ringstraße, a newly planned police station and a railway embankment is an unused lawn located. On this area shall the new sports park be constructed.

The leisure offer is aimed primarily at children and young people who play on the facility, climb, cycle, skate, boulder and play beach handball. The old signal tower is integrated into the concept and provides users also a rich offer for leisure activities.

The old signal tower will remain. The natural stone base is creatively addressed at several points in the new facility to achieve a connected material and form language.


The opening:


Wheelpark – bike and skatepark in the city Wiehl

Wheelpark – bike and skatepark in the city Wiehl

The Wheelpark, as he is called by the young people, lies in an area in the recreation park Wiehl, not 50 meters from the banks of the river Wiehl. Yamato Living Ramps constructs the facility.

The 1100m² skatepark will be built into the hillside with in-situ concrete. The design was developed together with the locals in several workshops.

On several levels the skatepark offers plenty of variety and excitement. Especially the two pools which are connected with a Spine. In addition, an extensive street area offers much potential as it includes Ledges, Curbs and rails.


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Skate park Windhuk, Namibia

Skate park Windhuk, Namibia

On 14.01.2018 the Team Skate-Aid started their journey to Windhoek, Namibia. The construction of a skatepark in Namibia, Windhoek was imminent. Together with a team of locals, the voluntaries built a skatepark for an SOS Children’s Village in recent weeks. The area was set by the mayor of the city and is for all kids, who are in mood for skating have public access.
For the past few days, the skate-Aid team has been spending time teaching the kids how to skate, so they can do some tricks on the opening.
Today on the 23.02.2018 is the ceremony, after six weeks of hard work.

Skatetraining befor the opening



Remodeling of the existing skate park in Sonsbeck, Germany

In the township of Sonsbeck nearby the Niederrhein, the skate park in the playground and sports field on Parkstraße is to be renewed as part of a LEADER project. LEADER was launched by the EU as a support program for sustainable rural development. In this program, there is something special that all citizens of the region can help to shape the development process. The reason for this is the unsatisfactory leisure offer for children and young people in the region. In the Eastern part of the SV Sonsbeck is already a skate park, which is outdated and heavily worn. The new skate park will be located on the area of the existing skate park. This should be harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape and maintain a modern design. In addition to the SV Gerolzhofen, there is also the sports park Willy-Lemkens. This creates a large area with many different sports facilities.

A barrier-free design should address different user groups. Through two participation workshops children and adolescents, who were already involved in the development of the project idea, are invited to participate. The children and adolescents form the primary target group of the project, and only by participating can the project be designed according to needs.


Sport and leisure facility Gerolzhofen, Germany

The city of Gerolzhofen plans to build a sports park for children, adolescents and athletes. This was given as part of a planning competition to maier landscape architecture. The designated area for this is located in the Schallfelder Straße. Next to the football pitch of the FC Gerolzhofen there is a parking lot, which is to be rebuilt for this sports park.

In this park there is going to be space for a skate park, a pump track, a street ball field and a Calisthenicsanlage. The skatepark will have a size of 240 m² and be built of concrete. The local scene would like to see quarters at different heights, a jumpbox, a bank and a pyramid with Ledge and Rail. The pump track will be made of asphalt and has an area of about 280m².

The Calisthenicsanlage is used to train with your own body weight on specious of sports equipment. In order to give this device sufficient fall protection, the ground will consist of wood chippings. The streetball field will be built on asphalt, on an area of 10×10 m, with a basketball net.


Skatepark Kigali Rwanda, Africa

Skatepark Kigali Rwanda, Africa

the skatepark Kigali in Rwanda could be completed in April 2016. This project was realized in cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages and the Association Skate-Aid.

The Children of the near SOS Children’s Village elementary school can play and skate freely. Furthermore, the skate park is open to all other Children and young adults in the region.

The newly formed skatepark is not only meeting place, but also provides the children and young people the opportunity to improve their own athletic skills and grow together as a community. Different origin, religion or skin color are unimportant in the skate sport. Thus a completely new feeling of togetherness is embossed.

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