First designs for the Moers skate park

After the digital participation of ideas for the new skate park in Moers, we created the first drafts. There will soon be a public presentation of this for future users and interested parties.

Skatepark Kevelaer design phase

The online participation in ideas has taken place and the preliminary designs are currently being drawn up and the further procedure coordinated.

Update Skatepark Sonsbeck

The acceptance of construction has taken place and the facility will be passable for everyone in the next few days! We already had a lot of fun at the test drive with our team! Executing company was Camp Ramps

New FLL regulations committee for mountain bike facilities

After Ralf Maier was already head of the working group for recommendations for planning, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities, he will also head the regulatory committee for mountain bike facilities. Specifications for associations, organizations or manufacturers are to be formulated here.

Construction progress in Gerolzhofen

In Gerolzhofen, construction work is underway for the new sports facility. A skater area, a streetball area, callestenics and a pump track will be created there. This week there was already the approval of the concrete reinforcement and the approval of the streetball flooring. Nothing stands in the way of completion in mid-May! Our executive company is on site is Schneestern

Skatepark Kevelaer:
Mach mit – bis zum 5.5.!

Leider musste unser geplanter Workshop zur Gestaltung des neuen Skateparks in Kevelaer abgesagt werden. Trotzdem freuen wir uns auf deine Ideen, Visionen, Vorstellungen, Anregungen oder Feedback!
Wir haben einen Fragebogen zusammengestellt, den wir dir gerne per Mail zuschicken.
Melde dich einfach unter

Hier wird bald der neue Skatepark entstehen!

Almenauen Flowpark in Büren finished

We look forward to the completion of our flow park in Büren! As soon as the general situation of the pandemic containment allows, you can bike, skate or wheelchair to can roll with the flow in the beautiful Almenauen.

Skatepark Aktive Mitte,
in the Gelsenkirchen Hassel district park

The city of Gelsenkirchen commissioned us to plan a new skate park. In coordination with future users, a concept was developed that meets all requirements from a constructional and sporting point of view.

A wide range of trend sports will be created on the central square of the district park, framed by trees and uniformly designed furniture. Here you will skate, BMX-, scooter- or inline-ride. There will also be opportunities for wheelchar motocross (WCMX) or basketball.

Strolling visitors to the district park can watch the hustle and bustle, interested people are encouraged to participate. A graffiti concrete wall can be sprayed by future users. The facility will also be illuminated, so there no reason why you shouldn´t enjoy the leisure activities in the evenings.

Construction is scheduled to begin in autumn this year.

Workshop in Moers canceled

Due to the general measures to contain the Corona Virus, the workshop for the design of the new skate park in Moers has to be canceled. Your ideas are still welcome and can be sent to the city of Moers at

SuBCulture Bonn e.V. construction phase II Skatebowls

We were commissioned with the planning of the second construction phase of the skate park on Landgrabenweg by the city of Bonn.

The first construction phase with the street area was completed in autumn 2018. The second construction phase provides for two bowl areas.

After we collected ideas with the association, the first workshop already took place. In the next few weeks, intensive coordination with the association will be carried out, so that we can start construction in spring 2021.

Construction start of the new speed skating track in Cologne Weidenpesch

The new, competitive inline speed skating track will be built on the grounds of the district sports facility in the Scheibenstrasse. After about three months of construction, everyone who has fun inline skating can get started: the members of the SSC Cologne, children, teenagers, fitness and recreational athletes, competition-oriented speed skaters, school sports and sports clubs from Cologne and the surrounding area.

The construction of this almost 5000 square meter facility is funded by the city of Cologne, the district of Cologne 5 (Nippes) and the SSC Cologne.

New skating facility in Geilenkirchen

We got the order to renew the skate park in Geilenkirchen’s Wurmauenpark. This park already offers a lot of possibilities for the visitors and should now be even more attractive. Since the existing skate facility is increasingly damaged after many years of use, we will now plan and build a great new facility for the skaters in the same place.