Dirtjump-Area Township Much

Close to the sports field of the township Much (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany), a Dirtjump-Area for BMX and MTB (mountainbike) will be created.

The Dirtjump-Area shall be built in summer 2011.

Dirtjump-Area Milow

In cooperation with the company Camp Ramps (www.camp-ramps.com) we have planned this Dirtjump-Area.

It includes a BMX- and MTB-Park with various Dirt-Lines. The tower is simultaneously used as a climbing tower.

It is a trend-setting, functional link between the sports BMX/ MTB and climbing with an exceptional design.

Skatepark in Görlitz, Germany

The existing skate facility in Görlitz-Königshufen was completely redesigned. In our design, the existing asphalt surface and the “ramps” would be gone. We created a Skateplaza!

The Plaza consists of two levels, would be completely made of concrete and would have an area of approximately 330m2.

Unfortunatly in 2010 there was a massive flood that destroyed so much in this area, including the budget and plans for that skateplaza.