New FLL regulations committee for mountain bike facilities

After Ralf Maier was already head of the working group for recommendations for planning, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities, he will also head the regulatory committee for mountain bike facilities. Specifications for associations, organizations or manufacturers are to be formulated here.

Construction progress in Gerolzhofen

In Gerolzhofen, construction work is underway for the new sports facility. A skater area, a streetball area, callestenics and a pump track will be created there. This week there was already the approval of the concrete reinforcement and the approval of the streetball flooring. Nothing stands in the way of completion in mid-May! Our executive company is on site is Schneestern

Skatepark Kevelaer:
Mach mit – bis zum 5.5.!

Leider musste unser geplanter Workshop zur Gestaltung des neuen Skateparks in Kevelaer abgesagt werden. Trotzdem freuen wir uns auf deine Ideen, Visionen, Vorstellungen, Anregungen oder Feedback!
Wir haben einen Fragebogen zusammengestellt, den wir dir gerne per Mail zuschicken.
Melde dich einfach unter

Hier wird bald der neue Skatepark entstehen!

Almenauen Flowpark in Büren finished

We look forward to the completion of our flow park in Büren! As soon as the general situation of the pandemic containment allows, you can bike, skate or wheelchair to can roll with the flow in the beautiful Almenauen.

Skatepark Aktive Mitte,
in the Gelsenkirchen Hassel district park

The city of Gelsenkirchen commissioned us to plan a new skate park. In coordination with future users, a concept was developed that meets all requirements from a constructional and sporting point of view.

A wide range of trend sports will be created on the central square of the district park, framed by trees and uniformly designed furniture. Here you will skate, BMX-, scooter- or inline-ride. There will also be opportunities for wheelchar motocross (WCMX) or basketball.

Strolling visitors to the district park can watch the hustle and bustle, interested people are encouraged to participate. A graffiti concrete wall can be sprayed by future users. The facility will also be illuminated, so there no reason why you shouldn´t enjoy the leisure activities in the evenings.

Construction is scheduled to begin in autumn this year.

Workshop in Moers canceled

Due to the general measures to contain the Corona Virus, the workshop for the design of the new skate park in Moers has to be canceled. Your ideas are still welcome and can be sent to the city of Moers at

SuBCulture Bonn e.V. construction phase II Skatebowls

We were commissioned with the planning of the second construction phase of the skate park on Landgrabenweg by the city of Bonn.

The first construction phase with the street area was completed in autumn 2018. The second construction phase provides for two bowl areas.

After we collected ideas with the association, the first workshop already took place. In the next few weeks, intensive coordination with the association will be carried out, so that we can start construction in spring 2021.

Construction start of the new speed skating track in Cologne Weidenpesch

The new, competitive inline speed skating track will be built on the grounds of the district sports facility in the Scheibenstrasse. After about three months of construction, everyone who has fun inline skating can get started: the members of the SSC Cologne, children, teenagers, fitness and recreational athletes, competition-oriented speed skaters, school sports and sports clubs from Cologne and the surrounding area.

The construction of this almost 5000 square meter facility is funded by the city of Cologne, the district of Cologne 5 (Nippes) and the SSC Cologne.

New skating facility in Geilenkirchen

We got the order to renew the skate park in Geilenkirchen’s Wurmauenpark. This park already offers a lot of possibilities for the visitors and should now be even more attractive. Since the existing skate facility is increasingly damaged after many years of use, we will now plan and build a great new facility for the skaters in the same place.

Update skate park construction: Büren

The spring sun is shining, it is getting warm and the construction of the new skating facility is taking shape in Büren. The concrete work will be completed this week. The plant should be ready by the beginning of May!

Workshop in Kevelaer abgesagt

Wir haben uns schon sehr auf unseren Workshop gefreut, der am 18.3. stattfinden sollte, um mit euch den neuen Skatepark zu planen. Leider muss darauf in diesen Tagen, in Hinblick auf die Verbreitung des Corona Virus, verzichtet werden. Eure Ideen sind aber dennoch willkommen und können an Herrn Barz von der Stadt Kevelaer geschickt werden:

Skull Bowl Project Uganda

This week we actually wanted to start the “Skull Bowl Project” for our Uganda project. In cooperation with our partner Jack, from the “Uganda Skateboard Union”, we will add a bowl to the skate park. Since the project has been so successful so far, we will also send additional volunteers to Uganda this year to support the locals in the weekly workshops, so that even more kids have the opportunity to take part. Our project coordinator Gabu wanted to head to Kampala this week to start construction. The opening was planned for June … BUT ….

Quote: “The government of Uganda has introduced improved screening and quarantine measures in response to the global public health threat posed by COVID-19. Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to apply without notice. The Ministry of Health announced that it has imposed a self-quarantine obligation on all asymptomatic travelers arriving in Uganda who have been in the following countries in the 14 days prior to arrival in Uganda. Travelers from the following countries are affected: China / France / Germany / Iran / Italy / South Korea / Spain “End of quote.

Gabu cannot fly to Kampala, because otherwise he would have had to spend 14 days in quarantine at a local hospital at his own expense.

We are building a new skate park for Kevelaer

In the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer, young people and senior citizens have been working together to build and maintain a skate park for more than ten years. There is an active skater community in the city, which initially worked on the renovation of the old facility, but last year relocated the location and dealt intensively with the development of a new skate park.

The existing skate complex is in a state of renovation. Furthermore, it is located outside the city center and is therefore not easy to reach for children and young people.

The central location and the existing, good infrastructure speak for the relocation of the skate park to the area of ​​the school center in Kevelaer. These include the cafeteria, the municipal lunch club, the municipal youth center, each with appropriate sanitary facilities as well as sports facilities and schools. These should use the facility as part of AG offers or in physical education.

Kevelaer neue Skateanlage

Ralf Maier at the symposium at DAM Frankfurt

As part of the ongoing exhibition The Playground Project, Ralf Maier spoke on February 19. at the symposium play landscape: meeting space, movement space, free space.

The approximately 150 listeners first got an overview of the history of skate facilities. Ralf Maier also outlined the working methods in planning and execution. Here also about the special features of the non-profit international projects, which he realized together with Skate Aid.

In this context, a film by Skate Aid was presented to the audience, which gives a good and emotional insight into this area of ​​work.

The exhibition in the German Architecture Museum Frankfurt runs until June 21, 2020 and is worth a visit anyway. It also includes an extensive accompanying program. The series of symposia continues

MARCH 27 – 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


MAY 15 – 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.