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The GaLaBau International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces takes place from 14. to 17. September.


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You will find us in the hall 3A at the stand 206 here


2011-10-25_Umschlag_Skate- und Bikeanlagen-Empfehlungen V2

The Recommendaton for the design, construction and maintenance of skate and bike facilities was successfully published and will be presented Wednesday, 14. September in the hall 4A, stand 114.












Take a look at our lecture about skate and biek facilities in corporation with the German Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Sport Facility Construction:

Wednesday at 12:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111

Am Samstag at 10:30 (AM) hall 3A, stand 111



Wheelpark – bike and skatepark in the city Wiehl

The Wheelpark, as he is called by the young people, shall occur in an area in the recreation park Wiehl, not 50 meters from the banks of the river Wiehl. Yamato Living Ramps constructs the facility.

The 1100m² skatepark will be built into the hillside with in-situ concrete. The design was developed together with the locals in several workshops.

On several levels the skatepark offers plenty of variety and excitement. Especially the two pools which are connected with a Spine. In addition, an extensive street area offers much potential as it includes Ledges, Curbs and rails.

A tree will be planted in the middle of a volcano and a seating wall of natural stone amplify the square character and offer a high recreation value.

By forming multiple levels, the height difference of 4 meters can be intercepted. In addition, the skate park adds so harmoniously into the design image of recreation park. The intensive involvement of local BMX riders and skaters lead to a unique design. The future acceptance and use is supported thereby. Young people see the Wheelpark as their own skatepark. Vandalism is well curbed because no BMX riders or skaters will destroy their own skatepark.

In 2011, a survey of the city Wiehl revealed that the recreation park Wiehl is the most popular meeting place for children and adolescents. In addition, the respondents want more and cheaper leisure activities. The skatepark is realized as part of the integrated action plans for Wiehl.

Bike- and Sportspark Bocholt, Germany

Here you can see our first design for a very interesting location, an old velodrome for bicycle races in Bocholt, Germany.

This design could be build in several construction phases. Dirtpark, pumptrack, BMX race track, walking bike track for kids, skatepark, parcour, and many more things are possible on this huge area.

Particular attention is given to an expansion of the existing single track, which is used by the Cycling Club Bocholt. The hold regular mountain bike races on the facility. The single trail will be expanded in a way to give the drivers more possible lines to ride. Also the other bike elements such as the slopestyle track will be included in the track concept.

(Deutsch) Skatepark Bethlehem – jetzt in neuem Look!

The construction of the multifunctional skatepark started in November 2015. The project is realized with the support of Skate-Aid, SOS Children’s Village and the German Post/ DHL. An international construction team consisting of an American, a Serb and two Germans will build the skatepark in Palestine.

Since this summer Bethlehem has a new paint job:

AptART coordinated the paint job, the photos are by Tracey Shelton: