Bikepark Herrieden, Germany

The Bikepark Herrieder will be built at the well known Bärenlochhütte (Bear hole cabin). At 9. of Oktober the 5. BärenlochBIKEHerrieden Race was held.

The newly planned bike-course is located on a slope to the south and east. In the flatter part of the west there is a practice area for driving technique and in the south, at the entrance of the facility in the immediate vicinity of the Bärenlochhütte, a pumptrack, kids bike track, playground, lounge and sanitary facilities are provided. All areas are accessible by fixed access routes and fit into the existing structure.

Different driving lines with different degrees of difficulty enable a multi-faceted training and exciting races

Bike and Skatepark in Ingelheim, Germany

How shall the new Bike and Skatepark look? The city of Ingelheim, Germany wants to build a Skatepark! we discussed the current design in the Mehrgenerationenhaus, Matthias-Grünewald-Straße 15 in Ingelheim, Germany.

Skate pool and street area will be built! From the pool, you can jump over a spine on the street area. It has everything the heart desires, fun box, curbs, ledges, a manualpad and even slappy curbs.

From the pool, you can jump even in a pump track, which lies directly on the plant. A successful overall concept for all friends of the roll sport because everyone can ride here. Mountain bikers, skaters, BMX riders, dirtbike rider and scooter rider.

Skatepark Duelmen, Germany – we can start with planning

The City of Duelmen, Germany is planning to build a skate park in-situ concrete. For this is an area of around 2,000 m² will be used. The design for the skatepark stands! You can skate on three different levels.

On the top level is a deep pool with vert. From there, you will cross banks and transitions to the middle plain. A tree underlines the street character. Banks and a wallride give plenty of opportunities for driving.

Via banks, ledge and rail you can access the lower level. Instead of in-situ concrete, concrete plates are laid here for the maximum street character – without a chamfer and with a small joint for better driving. Vulcano, ten stars, rails, banks and curbs give everything a real street park needs!

Wheelpark – bike and skatepark in the city Wiehl

The Wheelpark, as he is called by the young people, lies in an area in the recreation park Wiehl, not 50 meters from the banks of the river Wiehl. Yamato Living Ramps constructs the facility.

The 1100m² skatepark will be built into the hillside with in-situ concrete. The design was developed together with the locals in several workshops.

On several levels the skatepark offers plenty of variety and excitement. Especially the two pools which are connected with a Spine. In addition, an extensive street area offers much potential as it includes Ledges, Curbs and rails.


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Skatepark Tanzania, Africa

Concrete landscape in Dodoma, Tanzania (Africa) completed

In collaboration with Skate-Aid and Don Bosco & CV Africa Aid a skatepark was built at a school and training center of the Don Bosco Mission.

Don Bosco not only provided financial resources but a huge ground on the Don Bosco Vocational-Training-Centre as well. The CV Africa Aid supports the project financially and organizationally.

They not only have one of the largest sports facility in Tanzania but now an approximately 500 square-foot concrete skatepark.

Under expert guidance the park was built by a tanzania construction company in 4 weeks. After the skatepark has now been completed, there is a permanent care, such as skateboarding & BMX classes. Skate-Aid will assume the consequential costs of the park and the teachers.

On 22 July 2011 they opened the skatepark in Tanzania officially!

In order not to weaken the regional textile industry, no T-shirts will be sent to Africa, but skateboards, protective gear, helmets, etc., which the kids can then borrow locally.

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