Wheelpark – bike and skatepark in the city Wiehl

The Wheelpark, as he is called by the young people, lies in an area in the recreation park Wiehl, not 50 meters from the banks of the river Wiehl. Yamato Living Ramps constructs the facility.

The 1100m² skatepark will be built into the hillside with in-situ concrete. The design was developed together with the locals in several workshops.

On several levels the skatepark offers plenty of variety and excitement. Especially the two pools which are connected with a Spine. In addition, an extensive street area offers much potential as it includes Ledges, Curbs and rails.


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Skatepark Tanzania, Africa

Concrete landscape in Dodoma, Tanzania (Africa) completed

In collaboration with Skate-Aid and Don Bosco & CV Africa Aid a skatepark was built at a school and training center of the Don Bosco Mission.

Don Bosco not only provided financial resources but a huge ground on the Don Bosco Vocational-Training-Centre as well. The CV Africa Aid supports the project financially and organizationally.

They not only have one of the largest sports facility in Tanzania but now an approximately 500 square-foot concrete skatepark.

Under expert guidance the park was built by a tanzania construction company in 4 weeks. After the skatepark has now been completed, there is a permanent care, such as skateboarding & BMX classes. Skate-Aid will assume the consequential costs of the park and the teachers.

On 22 July 2011 they opened the skatepark in Tanzania officially!

In order not to weaken the regional textile industry, no T-shirts will be sent to Africa, but skateboards, protective gear, helmets, etc., which the kids can then borrow locally.

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Sports and leisure facility – flyer of german landscape architects

The Federation of German landscape architects from NRW bdlanw a flyer (download) on the subject of sport and recreational facilities put out. Because Skate parks are a fundamental part of modern sports and leisure facilities a park by us in the flyer is in Lübbecke!

Sport plays a diverse role in the life of the people. A compete in the athletic competition to top performance, the others find the balance to the job in the movement, operate it with the aim of maintaining healthy, for recreation. Suitable rooms, which enable the undisturbed exercise of individual sports are what is always needed.
Landscape architects are the professionals for the planning of free facilities for sports and games. It’s not only the creative idea and technical implementation of the rules and regulations, but also the embedding of the sports facilities in their environment. Successful sports facilities live more in harmony with their surroundings… more about this

Skatepark Hennef, Germany – TempoAir – temporarily and permament – pool and street

In Hennef, Germany a replacement skate park will be built. Part of the area, however, can be used only temporarily, the other part will be permanent. For these conditions to develop a coherent overall concept is our job. The permanently usable area will receiving a pool/ Bowl made of in-situ concrete, at the temporary area in-situ concrete elements be placed on an existing asphalt surface. The first workshop with the future users has already taken place.